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  1. Is this a different or seperate program to Piriform's CCleaner?
  2. Me too! Can't wait to see what it is...
  3. Hi all, So while saving my 'preferred cookies' I find some as, google.com and www.google.com. What's the difference and shoiuld I save both? Also, I have my browser set to block third-party cookies yet CCleaner still shows them? Thanks..
  4. Hi Richard, I think it was originally pre-installed. I wonder if I should try the bootable recovery partition and see if will work?? Will the bootable recovery partition be from the original OEM install or will it be from what the other guy installed? Anyonw knows? I have advised him of Windows 7, but the $199. cost is not in his budget at this time. I'm just trying to see if I can help him in anyway with trying to recover it. Hmmmm?
  5. I am trying to help someone who took their laptop to a friend to get it 'fixed', however this friend reformatted the hard drive using their own Vista media and gave it back. Now, Vista is asking for the License Key to be activated and he cannot find his original software. I'm hoping Recuva may be able to recover the Windows License Key!!?!! Again, this is all in efforts to help someone in a bind and in the process learn as well! Thoughts & Suggestions are welcomed! Thanks!
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