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  1. maybe youre right. thanks for the info
  2. X13-40150.exe and X12-30196.exe - microsoft office 2007 installer - 394873KB and 397472KB - 7 fragments WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU - Service pack 2 installer 272391 - 3 fragments Office2003SP2-KB887616-FullFile-ENU - Office 2003 SP2 Update - 104293KB - 2 fragments war3x.mpq - file from warcraft game - 338419KB - 3 fragments war3.mpq - file from warcraft game - 430494KB - 3 fragments sfx.RAW - audio from grand theft auto vice city game - 332271KB - 3 fragments ra2.mix - file from red alert 2 game - 274487KB - 3 fragments thanks for the reply!! (sorry i forgot.. there are 8 files that cant be defragged...)
  3. i downloaded defraggler and used it last night on my 40GB HD 2 partition C: 20gb / 10.1 free space D: 20gb / 3.69 free space i defrag C: partition first and it came out fast and easy then i tried to defrag partition D: it took about 2hrs til it get to 85% percent but i had to stop it for some reasons. early this morning when i used my computer i ran defraggler to continue defragging my HD it did not took so long and it finished defragging. but when i re-analize my HD (partition D:) it seems like 3 files with total size of 1.16GB 12fragments (these are included on the checked files to defrag) but when i re-defrag those 3 files it says "Defrag Complete" what should i do? thanks piniform team for making CCleaner..
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