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  1. I need instructions to exclude a registry key

    This is a file extension from the new Antivir 9. I believe it was in the old versions also as a search from Google showed this forum and a mod expressing concern about it back then. I have the same problem and it seems in use but has the incorrect path. I have made a topic about it here with no help either. http://forum.avira.com/wbb/index.php?page=...;threadID=85175
  2. Defraggler v1.08

    So what file size is considered "large"?
  3. These settings are not saved in v1.08.132 : MainWindowTopSplitterProportionalPos= MainWindowBottomSplitterProportionalPos= window_left= window_top= window_width= window_height= Thanks!
  4. Pressing escape during action closes CCleaner

    It's been almost a week now, any updates on this?
  5. Pressing escape during action closes CCleaner

    I doubt it, pressing the escape button should only abort the current operation, not the whole program. In Notepad, Paint, Winamp, Firefox, name any program you want, the escape button doesn't shut down the entire program. I'd love to see a CCleaner official say something about this.
  6. Pressing escape during action closes CCleaner

    Exactly, normally it should, but in this case it closes the whole program instead of just stopping the scan or stopping the cleaning.
  7. I don't know if this is a bug, or if it's supposed to be like this, But when I'm running CCleaner and I'm analysing, cleaning or scanning for registry problems and I press the escape button, the whole program closes.
  8. Advanced SystemCare Free 3.1.2 /Iobit

    Of course not.
  9. Can't play MP4 Video with Realplayer

    Try Media Player Classic with Vista Codec Pack.
  10. Tracking Cookies

    Set to Firefox to block all cookies then just allow the cookies you do want.
  11. Anyone know where i can get these?

    @citylink unisys - what laptop is it? If you go to the manufacturer's website you can probably find the drivers for sound.
  12. Download Manager

    I like Orbit downloader.
  13. CClener and Vists

    Yes CCleaner works in Vista.
  14. I know you'll hate this

    Sooo what were the pics?
  15. Full Defrag

    A full defrag between Defraggler and the Windows defrag does about the same job. I dont which is quicker though.