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  1. Browser Problem

    My suggestion is: Download CCleaner version v2.00.495
  2. THANKS Faust! GREAT. No problem this time.
  3. Add/Remove Programs gets corrupted

    Hi YoKenny, as you have the same operating system I have could you please tell me why CCleaner on my PC always crashes? After installing vbrun60sp6 to avoid crashes is the problem not solved. I would appreciate your suggestion what to do. Thanks!
  4. I cannot understand why CCleaner crashes every time even so by installing vbrun60sp6 I'm not sure if this issue has been discussed or not. AppName: CCleaner.exe,-AppVer:,-ModName: msvbvm60.dll,-ModVer:,-Offset: 0001d49e. The memory could not be "written". Appreciate any suggestions to fix my problem. Thanks!