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  1. If it were my machine and I was having 'difficulties' with Win Updates and core windows files I would just do a clean install of Windows 10,.

    Not a repair, or restore, just a clean install run from an iso (either on USB or DVD) of the latest Win 10 1909 build.

    Create Windows 10 installation media from here


    If you just want a local account don't have the internet connected when you do the actual install, if you use a Microsoft Account have the internet connected.

  2. 15 minutes ago, nukecad said:


    I wonder if it's anything to do with the Meltdown (and Spectre) vulnerabilities in Intel chips?

    I wondered that at first nukecad but after reading this thread I don't. Even today on there (4 pages) folk are uploading and downloading like mad before they all go. What a waste.


  3. I followed your posts about this issue on tenforums.

    When you do a clean install of 1909 from an iso either on (dvd or usb) did you delete all other partitions when setting it up?

    I would recommend that so you just have one big disk size left and Windows installs 1909 and the partitions required itself. I find this often works for the best experience of a new install without niggling issues.

    After all you have  Macrium :)

    (Quick plug here, 50% off until 2nd Dec)



  4. 4 minutes ago, nukecad said:


    Reliability History usually has errors in there and reports them back to MS, if you haven't turned the reporting off. Most users aren't even aware that these errors are hapening as they don't usually stop things working.


    I find Reliability History very informative and wouldn't turn it off. When troubleshooting  a machine it's one of the first things I look at.


  5. If you are user of old Intel hardware, be sure to create a backup of your drivers or BIOS updates as Intel will no longer make them available for download once they reach end of life.

    Sad day really, other companies such as Dell don't remove them. Perhaps they don't want people to use the old cheap ones, just use the new expensive ones.


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