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  1. por favor use el traductor de Google


    My name is Daniel Alberto Barbosa: ARGENTINO

    Could you explain to me how I can erase the list of files in recuva?

    I will explain better.

    Your program is to recover file, now I want

    Delete it to not recover it again, delete it from the preview How could I do that?

    Thank you

  2. 6 minutes ago, Nergal said:

    I think you still need to buy/activate windows 10, the transition is free

    No you don't need to buy a key to upgrade from 7 to 10 as long as the key you have already is legal.

    I did one last week. Same applies to win 8 to 10.


  3. Can you give a little bit of info please?

    What operating system are you using?

    What build number of CCleaner are you using?

    Has this just started recently?

    Did you have any problem with CCleaner before this started happening?

    What anti-virus do you use?