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  1. Hard to know what causes the updating issues we seem to have now Eric. Piriform cannot seem to get it right
  2. Would you try uninstalling CCleaner, rebooting and then installing the slim build from here ? https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  3. CCleaner update installation blocked

    Please try downloading the Slim version from the builds page instead. Does that work? https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  4. Registry Cleaner

    Well if nothing shows up even from a Win iso (or Linux iso) then perhaps it needs sending back. Just checking pressing all the usual function keys at the time of trying to boot , F12, Escape etc) didn't work either?
  5. Registry Cleaner

    Is there no chance you can just boot from a Win 10 iso and install fresh ? It's what I would do.
  6. Hosts File Update

    Dan Pollocks list can also be selected in uBlock Origin
  7. Hosts File Update

    Peter Lowe's list, and the Malware Domains list, are included in uBlock Origin by the way.
  8. Registry Cleaner

    Best not to use the registry cleaning feature. Did you by any chance create a backup of the registry items to be cleaned when CCleaner offered you the chance to do so?
  9. Hosts File Update

    See here https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/mvps-hosts-file-last-updated-4-months-ago.412887/
  10. Apologies for repeating the link you already posted (it obviously must be a good link!) I don't use Chrome which means I cannot use my own machine for clues so forgive any obvious questions I ask. Do you have a Preferences file in your user directory for Chrome. If yes does it have the zoom info there which you could copy the path from to add as a CCleaner 'include'?
  11. Not an answer as such but more info perhaps. http://www.rawinfopages.com/tips/2014/11/reset-chrome-zoom-levels-for-websites/ Been asked about for a long time. https://superuser.com/questions/203669/make-google-chrome-forget-zoom-level-once-a-tab-is-closed
  12. The Firefox/Mozilla Thread

    Mozilla halts Firefox 65 distribution on Windows. https://www.ghacks.net/2019/02/01/mozilla-halts-firefox-65-distribution-on-windows/
  13. Microsoft Update issues.

    Quite a few folk are experiencing an error when they check for updates in the last day or so and it seems to be still ongoing and in different parts of the world. See here (and comments from people a bit further down the page) https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/update.microsoft.com.html
  14. Microsoft Update issues.

    Nothing to do with latest Windows version. Turns out it's a DNS issue. Comcast have fixed theirs but some such as BT in the UK the fix is a bit patchy. Changing your DNS to Google allows you to update straight away.
  15. Microsoft Update issues.

    More info now with more affected https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/many-windows-10-users-unable-to-connect-to-windows-update-service/
  16. 100GB of "tracker files"

    That is a lot of size in your recycle bin. Have you looked in your bin to see what they are? What does it show if you select Run Cleaner, close CCleaner, open CCleaner and select Analyse again?
  17. Microsoft Update issues.

    It has nothing to do with Win Updates in general. It's actually to do with Windows Defender and how it responds with Win Updates. It is a new issue and more info is coming online about it. https://borncity.com/win/2019/01/30/windows-defender-with-update-issues-01-30-2019/
  18. To me the info given in the Reliability Monitor is extremely helpful at times and I would never want it cleaned. (To open the monitor click start and immediately type Reliability Monitor and click on it )
  19. 100GB of "tracker files"

    Open CCleaner. Go to Options and then select Advanced. Select Advanced Report near the top (select it by placing a dot in it) Close CCleaner. Open Ccleaner again and do another 'Analyse' What does it say now?
  20. Cc: Real Estate

    It would be a more productive use of developers time to use their energy to solve the bugs and issues in the present build instead of making the GUI bigger and YET ANOTHER way of cleaning (quick clean) that is not necessary.
  21. can't install ccleaner

    Are you running Norton AV? If yes, see here https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53310-norton-360-ii/?tab=comments#comment-303036
  22. not in backgroud bug

    Yes you can.
  23. Problems with playing videos

    Hardware acceleration off? ActiveX filtering on or off ? Does it happen in safe mode? Does it happen with a new user profile? Does it happen if you run (as a test) IE11 in no addons mode? As you don't say all the things you have tried I don't know what else to suggest.
  24. Norton 360 II

    Can you try to install the slim version from the builds page and see what happens please. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  25. Norton 360 II

    Is there any error message when it aborts?