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  1. Start Up stuff

    Aqumon, The link you gave I went and checked out what was in my startup. Under the N's (250-299) was NvCplDeamon - a trojan! Good job I took another good look, my invdia graphic card is NvCplDaemon just one letter different. However I liked that site, (even though it nearly gave me a heart attack)
  2. advice please on ccleaner

    Heard from Mr24k that he finally used the cleaner and freed up an enormous amount of space. Well done !! The issues btton works more or less the same way, be brave, and give it a go.
  3. advice please on ccleaner

    Hello and welcome to the forum M24k! Don't be too worried it's a very safe prog. Choose cleaner (paintbrush icon), and under the WINDOWS tab I have all boxes ticked apart from the advanced section.(if you have saved passwords don't tick the auto complete form history) Click analyze and be very surprised at how much space you are going to free up . Click run cleaner and don't be worried when it says you will be deleting all of what's there. IT WILL NOT HARM YOUR PROGS OR ANYTHING it's nearly all bits and bobs from surfing and such like. You may notice your computer will run faster. As for the issues button I'm sure one of the more experienced members of this forum will be able to explain this better than I.
  4. speech software

    Anyone know of any software (preferably free) which would allow a friend to speak and have the computer type for him as he has hand mobility problems. Thanks for any ideas
  5. dvd shrink i/o device error

    never have problems with shrink usually, but last night this error came up while ripping a dvd only 14 seconds into the analysing. (i/o device error) The disc plays ok on tv and computer. It's a sony disc but a metallic bronze colour. Any ideas why?
  6. speech software

    Went to the link oli, and downloaded what I thought was the free one, Dictation 2002, but it turned out to be the one you pay for, Dictation 2005, needing a code to unlock. It was a hefty 41mb download it said, however when I uninstalled it it said 64mb!! I may try again trying a different link. It did sound a good prog. Thanks for the help, find anymore just let me know and I'll try them out
  7. dvd shrink i/o device error

    First Andavari, I use decrypter in conjuction with shrink when (how shall I put this) copying a commercial dvd. I couldn't get past first base with this dvd. Englishman, Have downloaded your suggestion, now a smilie on my taskbar. I take it there is no prog to run when using shrink and decrypter, this dvd43 just jumps in when it has to is that correct? Thanks
  8. dvd shrink i/o device error

    No, I meant that the disc I was trying to rip played ok on tv and computer. It was as if shrink couldn't recognise it when it tried to analysed it. The name of the film didn't even appear in the drive just the letter. Could there be something in the disc to stop it being ripped I wondered, it was a fairly new one.
  9. New Worm Discovered

    Not sure if its the same problem but Royal Mail computers were down today in England.
  10. Gas Prices

    Had to think for a moment as gas in England is a fuel we cook with! Petrol over here is is really expensive at the moment, around 90pence per litre in the Yorkshire region of England. This is raising the price of goods in the shops also. There must be a top limit soon or we'll all have to walk to work. Sombody is making a packet at our expense I think.
  11. Long live DJ

    It's always sad when people move on. All the best DJ and thanks for the knowledge.
  12. Konfabulator is now Free!

    My favourite at the moment (apart from the weather and clock) is the little green spaceman in the bubblecraft floating around the desktop, smiling!
  13. Konfabulator is now Free!

    Tried the cnet link twice but the download keep freezing, so I had to do it from the other link you gave. What a lot of fun little toys!! Thank you rridgley. Will yahoo bother me at all with popups or anything?
  14. Konfabulator is now Free!

    This is all new to me rridgley, so I had a liittle look and downloaded kitty clock.kon. Windows can't open it. Is this because I need to download the whole konfabulater prog and that would automatically change the extention, or can I change it myself somehow?
  15. making birthday cards etc

    What would anyone recommend as a nice easy (and free!!) to use little prog. to make birthday cards, posters etc using my photos and pictures. I don't really want to use Works as its a bit limited. Keep all my photos in Picasa Thanks for any suggestions.
  16. making birthday cards etc

    Like the look of Greeting card silver will try and find an outlet in England as it would cost more in postage than to buy the product.
  17. Ewido

    When my daughter had a trojan (backdoor small 38r) Ewido was recommended to remove it after I went onto Google. She had McAfee which couldn't deal with it. It was easy to download, install and update. She went on to buy it after the free trial, costing ?18 for the year and is pleased with it. She also has CCleaner, spywareblaster, avg and spybot. No conflicts.
  18. A few long lasting questions

    My mother told me that all Canadians talk slow so that their mouth can keep up to the speed of their brain, of course Newhotness I didn't believe her as she also told my brother to eat all his bread crusts as they would make his hair curl. He went bald!!!
  19. making birthday cards etc

    Thanks very much for the reply. I have taken up your suggestion for Paint Studio lite 1.2. Easy to use, flexible and with a nice little help/tutorial section. Have a nice day!
  20. How IE and MS AntiSpy Seem to Work

    I really enjoyed reading that!!
  21. .ogg to mp3

    I have just downloaded a piece of music with .ogg after the file name. What program would anyone recommend to convert it to mp3? (preferably free) Thanks
  22. .ogg to mp3

    \The reason I asked about changing .ogg to mp3 was to put them on my mp3 player for when I am at work. I thought that if I left it as an .ogg file I wouldn't be able to drag it from my nero media to my mp3 player. Is there a way?
  23. .ogg to mp3

    Now playing moonlight sonata while I type this! Thanks. P.S. Easy to download and work
  24. Sick of the childish games

    Just returned from a nice sunny, sand and rest holiday to read this thread. It is very important that this site stays open and working. People such as me can be likened to novice swimmers in a pool with you guys as lifeguards. To have somewhere to come with problems that are treat with dignity and respect even if they are trivial, gives confidence. I owe this site, as do others. STICK WITH US PLEASE.
  25. Everyone in London ok?

    Live a bit futher up country than London, but it still affects you. What has been uplifting is reading all the comments in this forum from people around the world. What a nice bunch you all are.