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  1. Impress Templates (OpenOffice)

    May not exactly be what you are looking for rridgley, but there is a lot of good free stuff here. http://www.freeserifsoftware.com/default.asp
  2. Free Windows Registry Repair?

    Mangix, It's very obvious you have a lot of computer knowledge However it would be more helpful to MacmillaN if you gave more constructive advice than slagging off his choice of computer.
  3. There are Grrl Members...

    Sniper, You are in charge of fun from now on!
  4. Power on to the internet

    Humpty, your link doesn't work.
  5. There are Grrl Members...

    sniper I thought that was really funny! any more?
  6. Cool program for artists

    rridgley, I have downloaded this program and I agree with you. Its fun to use and let's face it, computing should be fun as well!!
  7. blueyonder PCguard

    Bavaria, I have just been reading about a computer virus in Romania that targets only people who download Romanian gypsy music!! P.S Have been to Poina Brasov in Romania, nice place. From there I went to Transalvania- interesting Here is the link http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/04/28/ma...hating_malware/
  8. There are Grrl Members...

    Now now Eldmannan. You say ALL GIRLS ARE EVIL I could say ALL BOYS ARE VILE But hey LIVE AND LET LIVE and so must you !!!
  9. Another online HijackThis log file analysis

    Englishmen, I would also recommend that you have a look at Tarun's new site. I think Greenknight was refering to Tarun's hijack analyses on his new site.
  10. Interested in astrology?

    Thank you gentlemen for the info. Eldmannen, I thought the amount of control you showed over the "astrology" correction was astounding! Will download now. Very interesting! Have managed to work most things out. The night sky constellations are well done. Only query I have with it, is do you think they have taken into account that strange British querk of British Daylight Saving Time? I ask as it seemed to get dark an hour earlier than it should have. (I know I could just rewind the time)
  11. Interested in astrology?

    Eldmannen, What is OpenGL and will it be on my computer?
  12. best video player

    I also use cyberlnk power dvd, plays most things and is very user friendly.
  13. UK 0870 type numbers.

    I have used this site myself CaPMan, it works with some numbers but not all. The last one I rang gave me the 0870 number to ring after saying they couldn't handle my query on the free number!! Perhaps some of them are getting wise to it.
  14. Some member posting info.

    I guess it's just like being in a room full of people, some will do the talking and others will just listen.
  15. Administrative tools

    In the admin.tools section in the control panel the applications has an event veiwer log of every error I have had since I got my computer. There is an option to delete these. Do I ever need to do this? Or is it wise to have such a list to hand.
  16. Administrative tools

    Thanks for that Tarun
  17. Poll about Anti-Malware Package

    I think it's well thought out Tarun. Have voted for all, but would like to see Ewido and Windows Malicious Software removal tool with links in the pro version.
  18. S&D 1.4

    There may be some info which will help you on this link http://www.computing.net/security/wwwboard/forum/15173.html
  19. Number one program

    Probably Picasa because I use it a lot.
  20. Some free app's im looking for

    Is this link of any use to you englishmen? http://www.gromkov.com/faq/faq2004-0079.html
  21. Msn explorer and outlook

    I'm sure people do care, your post may have been overlooked. I see in the link you gave the person's problem was solved by reinstalling msn explorer. I presume you have tried this. One of the more experienced people will give you specific advice soon, just hold on.
  22. CCleaner 1.23 Released

    It's a programme I wouldn't like to be without. Well done Mr G.
  23. Moderation Petition

    Glad you took the position on rridgley, I'm sure your common sense will help in any decisions you have to make. On a lighter note, yes I did curtsey as I wrote this!!!!
  24. Anyone know when the new ccleaner is coming out?

    Read today's announcements -A message from MrG
  25. convert video into dvd

    I have a power dvd package which says I can convert my videos from my vcr player into dvd's by plugging into the svideo outlets on both computer and vcr and off you go. I have had a try but not really much to show for it yet. One thing I really want to know is should the microphone on my camera ( for msn) be disconnected as the only bit that worked of the attempt was the heated discussion recorded between me and my other half as to where to stick the cables!!