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  1. Sony rootkit on CD

    Downloaded new MSAS again. This time okay.
  2. Sony rootkit on CD

    The digital signature says 13th July on the setup exe I have just downloaded. I am sure its the right one I did.
  3. Sony rootkit on CD

    Now I am in a bit of a tizzy! The version I have downloaded from your Lunarsoft link is version 9.0.333.0, dated today. I installed, it asked to upgrade,said yes. It has not done anything, the version on my taskbar and desktop is still version 1.0.615. I have kept the new setup exe. Help!
  4. Sony rootkit on CD

    If I save to desktop, will it automatically overwrite my existing version?
  5. Sony rootkit on CD

    How do I get that version Tarun? My version updated today is 1.0.615
  6. firewall settings in p2p progs.

    Thank you TM, I shall leave them as they are.
  7. Customer support sucks

    I am sorry that you feel you have been insulted, I can assure you that ccleaner does not treat people that way. The help offered here, all at peoples own free time and expense, is second to none. Perhaps if you were honest with yourself you would admit to have been a bit touchy about the fact that you stored important docs. in an inappropiate place. However your good wishes and remarks about the usefulness of ccleaner are appreciated.
  8. Best freeware antispyware program!

    It will be a good addition to your security Predator to have Ewido. The prog. is so well run and trouble free, ( for me anyway ) As Anavari says you can apply the updates manually until your problem is sorted.
  9. Music

    Vanguard, here is a link to a page where they are talking about a commercial, I hope it's yours. If you scroll down a bit they mention a few song names you could google. http://www.ddrfreak.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.p...485&highlight=&
  10. Music

    Sorry vanguard I haven't but I will keep looking for you.
  11. Music

    It could have been sung by Frankie Gee, who was a singer with Captain Jack I think.
  12. deleting in D drive

    Can I take it that it's okay to delete certain things in my d drive. the reason I ask is that I decided to get rid of real player and after doing so, did start and find, and it listed a real player shortcut in the d drive.
  13. deleting in D drive

    Thanks for the reply Mike, it does give me the option to delete. I was just curious as to why the shortcut was in my d drive when the prog. was in the c drive.
  14. deleting in D drive

  15. deleting in D drive

    gunner, you mentioned a registry backup, what would the backup be for? With real player gone from the c drive I don't really know why the shortcut is there. Could it have been pre-loaded and that's why it's in the d drive? Sorry if this is a bit of a daft question
  16. CWShredder 2.18 released

    Thank you for the info Andavari.
  17. CCleaner love from download.com

    It's where it belongs
  18. viewpoint manager

    Is there any reason why I should not get rid of the viewpoint manager I noticed today in my prog. files? I can only think it was left over from something I no longer have. I do not have the viewpoint media player. Also when I just googled it it is associated with AOL and Sony. It says it downloads a unique number to the computer to help it manager the updates which it automatically serches for every 24 hours!!
  19. raffi

    It says in the dictionary it's the fruit of a trailing plant which is used as a vegetable, so take your pick!
  20. raffi

    If we are talking about fruit, did you know that if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter you get pumpkin pi.
  21. Sony rootkit on CD

    Now that's funny!!
  22. viewpoint manager

    Have deleted now, could it have had anything to do with the macromedia flash 8 update I did recently, as I see in google the two seem to be connected.?
  23. Need music suggestions?

    Just had a try rridgley, not bad at all.
  24. SWITCH 1.05

    You can use this free for a month, just time to do them all!! http://www.allformp3.com/convert-midi-to-wav.htm
  25. SWITCH 1.05

    I use the free Easy CD-DA Extractor. Does mp3,wav,ogg and others. Drag, drop press button! http://www.poikosoft.com/ Also rips CD's as well.