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  1. I have used Speccy on my older WIN XP PRO SP3 computer for several years and found Speccy's hardware info helpful. Recently, a Friend gave me a Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit SP2 computer, which I installed Speccy on. And I was shocked to see some of the hardware temperatures Speccy gave me. Such as 169 degree F on my graphics card. And at that time I wasn't doing any "heavy duty" video work. Just browsing the internet. It seems like if that temperature was accurate , my computer case would be hot to touch. I'm attaching a file with some of the hardware temperatures Speccy recorded. Any comments and replies would be appreciated. Speccy temps.txt
  2. Thanks for your help. That utlity worked perfectly.
  3. Hi Everyone, In my control panel there are 2-Nero 7 entries, and they aren't the current version that is actually installed, in my control panels add-remove program tool. In the past when I tried to remove them, by running the uninstaller, it also uninstalled the current version. When I try to delete these entries with CCleaners >tools>uninstall>delete entry, I get a error message saying that "cannot delete MSI installer". I tried using other software to delete them, but they only removed some of the entries info( such as unistall numbers), and that software in- correctly says the entry is gone. CCleaner correctly displays them as being there but won't let me remove them. So is there any way I can tweak CCleaner to remove these entries. Thanks.
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