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  1. Context Menu

    hi people, how about a context menu editor, just like the uninstall tool which allows enable and disable context menu (items added by application etc Winzip. . . ). which also include enable and disable SendTo menu and items in the New context menu Thanks =)
  2. Firefox 3 beta 3

    the "Home" button can be move =)
  3. Merry Christmas

  4. CCLEANER "Applications"

    lets assume that you install CCleaner on C: browse to C:\Program Files\CCleaner and open winapp.ini and winapp2.ini if you have using notepad (or other application of your choice). from there, you will find everything CCleaner cleans under "Applications".
  5. Windows logon problem

    try this go to start menu -> Run... in the dialog box, type "control userpasswords2" without the quotes (just copy and paste)... uncheck the checkbox "Users must enter a username and password to use this computer"... and click "Apply"... once you have done that, a dialog box will prompt you to enter the username and password (the account you want to login automatically)... if you dont have a password, just leave it blank... then click "Ok"... see if it work...
  6. CDex

    should be expecting CDex 2 soon...
  7. Feature Suggestion

    i disagree... the progress bar repeat itself when there are large amount of items to remove... due to you didnt clean your system for a long time, but if you use ccleaner to clean your system frequently, i dont think there is a need for it... after all, it will increase the cleaning time... and the progress bar repeating occur maybe only once during the first use of ccleaner...
  8. The Fourth Generation of Malware

    they all sucks
  9. New Windows Defender out!

    lets wait for the final release... hope it will release soon..
  10. CDex

    CDex development is starting soon... so glad that this project is not dead!! http://sourceforge.net/projects/cdexos/
  11. Another security hole found in IE

    there are dozens of security holes out there... so not worry...
  12. Defrag.?

    but one thing about these program i dont like is that it runs a process in the background... i guess this process is used for scheduling, and this process uses quite a bit of RAM (about 6,000K for diskeeper)... i disabled this process unless i want to defrag my disk... but if you have a lot of RAM and dont mind it sit in the background half of the time doing nothing then it shouldnt be a problem for you... the 1 in diskeeper is DkService.exe
  13. Defrag.?

    Diskeeper 10 or Perfect Disk both work great
  14. Windows Programs

    you can further remove Windows Programs by: browsing C:\WINDOWS\inf\sysoc.inf but before that you need to allow hidden files to be displayed... backup the sysoc.inf file... then open it using notepad, do a search for the word "hide" without the quotes and delete it... make sure "match case" option is not checked... when every "hide" are deleted, then save it... now go to "Add or Remove Programs" -> "Add/Remove Windows Components", you will see extra things that can be remove... but be warned!!! do not remove anything that you are not sure of!!! that's all... you can restore the backup copy of the sysoc.inf back to C:\WINDOWS\inf
  15. Converted to Outpost Pro!

    maybe i should try Outpost PF too... i uninstalled ZAPF few days ago... it slow down my start up a lot... now using ICF... OUTPOST PF HERE I COME!!!