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  1. As a programmer myself, i want to help out with the programming of CCleaner. is there anybody i should come in contact with for this request or can anyone of the admins in here give me any clue about that? Thanks in advance for any response
  2. if you want to be on the safe side, check the suspicious file(s) with this webservice: virustotal
  3. Many people install programs in a different folder then the default %programfiles% folder. Many programs store the installation folder inside the registry. To be able to detect those things that are installed in a different folder, it would be nice if the winapp2.ini file could get an extra item like this: [*GuildWars]LangSecRef=3024Detect=HKLM\SOFTWARE\ArenaNet\Guild WarsInstallFolder=HKLM\SOFTWARE\ArenaNet\Guild Wars|PathDefault=TrueFileKey1=%InstallFolder%|*.log The variable %InstallFolder% will now contain only the path to the installation location of the program (in this case the game GuildWars). This opens up many new ways to check if a program has left some garbage to remove. I myself always install my large games on a different drive (and not in the default %programfiles% folder), so that when i have to reformat my pc, i can reinstall those games ontop of itself and it keeps all of my personal settings (and as for GuildWars, even ALL the updates wich now is around 1 GB worth of downloads, all packed into a single file)
  4. i guess that i have to use some vbscript then... p.s. i submitted more programs for inclusion in winapp2.ini
  5. Hey All, small question about winapp2.ini. I have several plugins for Firefox that create logfiles in the profiles directory of firefox (example: C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\profile.default\chatzilla\logs\). Is there any way with CC-Cleaner to also delete those files as the profiles directory can be any name on any machine. I have my profile always custom created and always has a fixed name, but this is not the default behavour. it always consists of random lettersand numbers followed by .default. Buthow can i delete files (using CCleaner and WinApp2.ini) out of that direcotry. Thanks in advance for any help.... p.s. i have already submitted a few new programs to be added to the winapp2.ini file.
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