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  1. I am officially over Vista

    Well, Vista is best left alone until the release of SP1 for it. WinME is called Meer Ellende (More Troubles) here in the netherlands, because it caused more troubles then 98SE, so if you go back to a good old win version, go back to Win98SE (second Edition)
  2. Toolbar Uninstaller

    Thx Mate. I'm just glad that i could make some people happy
  3. Space freed on your first clean?

    you can prevent a lot of the internet temps by lowering the reserved value for the internet temps. i always use a reserved space of 25 mb. and that is even more then enough for all my downloads (even those that are much much much bigger then 25 mb) [edit]Oh, and my first clean, cleaned about 7 gb. my latest clean, cleaned just over 55 mb[/edit]
  4. Toolbar Uninstaller

    New verison released for download (also available via updater) Changelog Direct Link
  5. Software Utility to identify unknown hardware

    Try using everest home edition http://www.lavalys.com/
  6. Task Manager Multiple instances of same procceses

    Well, i currently have 62 processes running with a max processor load of around 15% under normal working circumstances. if i'm programming if have 110-1150 processes running with a max processor load of around 60%
  7. Freeware!

    use a program that wipes the freespace after deleting a file.
  8. Windows Movie Maker

    try this: regsvr32 %windir%\system32\qdv.dll
  9. What are the right click menu options in firefox?

    if you rightclicked on a word in a textbox, it could also have been the spellchecker.
  10. DL.TV recommends CCleaner

    The entire DL.TV was a first for me. never heard of it, but now i'm subscribed
  11. Toolbar Uninstaller

    New Version available for download (you can use the internal updater again) Direct link Changelog
  12. Toolbar Uninstaller

    Many new toolbars added. all of these are added by TwistedMetal.
  13. The Best Anti Virus Programs

    Why don't you just check this topic: What AntiVirus do you use?
  14. Freeware!

    i have another one : Toolbar Uninstaller Get rid of unwanted toolbars in Internet Explorer and Firefox
  15. Toolbar Uninstaller

    May new toolbars added to the detection file thanks to the help of TwistedMetal (he currently is responsible for exactly 50% of the toolbars that are in the detection file. Just click the update button in the program.
  16. Toolbar Uninstaller

    New version released. please download the file from the first post in this thread, as there still are some small bugs with the autoupdater....
  17. Toolbar Uninstaller

    The bug is already solved in the next version. The suggestion will be done.
  18. Toolbar Uninstaller

    Thx mate. these will also come in handy to be added. this means that there will be many new releases of the detectionfile
  19. Toolbar Uninstaller

    They sure will come in handy to add more toolbars.
  20. Toolbar Uninstaller

    thx for the suggestion (wich i'm going to do after a movie also) and for the time you are going to spend on the icon. Also, thanks for the bug-report
  21. Toolbar Uninstaller

    i guess i missed your screenshot, but as i can see it, the bug is not in the program, but is has to do with your skin. the skin you are using uses extra wide buttons in that corner, but i like you suggestion of removing the exit button and change it to an update button... If there are more users that would like this, please tell me and it will be changed asap.
  22. Toolbar Uninstaller

    the installer creates just a few files: in the programfiles folder (or the folder of your choice) it creates the folder Toolbar Uninstaller In that folder it will create an empty folder updates specially for the downloaded updates. (a future version will delete the contents of that folder automaticly) furthermore it creates the files tbk.exe, detection.dat, unins000.dat and unins000.exe
  23. Toolbar Uninstaller

    i couldn't find any bug around that code, but i have increased the space between it. maybe that it will help. tbk in the taskbar is gone AND i gave the update button a tooltip. Unfortunately, i discovered a bug in the update code, wich prevents the program update from automaticly downloading and installing. so for this version, you have to do that manually. it will be updated in about 5 minutes from the time of this post...
  24. Toolbar Uninstaller

    strange. the program is being developed on that same os. including the SP. i will try to see if i can find a bug. if i don't find it, i will increase the distance between the update button and the other buttons to see if that helps.
  25. Toolbar Uninstaller

    Sorry to say mate, but the first bug is not reproducable for me. could you tell me wich os you are running? (including any Service packs you have installed)