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  1. Hi all, or you could use this batch file that I made a while ago - the cool part is that it will 'auto-detect' if CCleaner is already installed on the 'Target' PC and if it is then simply run it. However, if it does not find a previous installation it then installs it in the background, runs then uninstalls itself without any user interaction @ECHO OFFECHO %date% - %time%: CCleaner InitializingIF EXIST "%systemdrive%\program files\CCleaner" GOTO RUNLOCALCCgoto RUNTUNEUPCC:RUNTUNEUPCCCALL ".\Tools\Applications\CCSetup.exe" /SCALL "%systemdrive%\program files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe"CALL "%systemdrive%\Program Files\CCleaner\uninst.exe" /SECHO %date% - %time%: FinishedECHO.GOTO END:RUNLOCALCCCALL "%systemdrive%\program files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe"ECHO %date% - %time%: FinishedECHO.:END Simply update the paths as required to where your .exe is located on your USB pen drive etc... Hope this helps
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