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  1. I have finally succeeded in making CCleaner work with Vista Premium. If this is a repost sorry, if not I hope it works for you also. I have been running CCleaner in normal mode with limited success. I had to run CCIssues as an administrator and would have to run it several times and it would not always remove everything. The above problems happened when I was in secure (7 pass) deletion mode. When I switched to DoD (3 pass) deletion mode, all the problems disappeared and CCleaner works just like it did in XP. I ran both tabs in normal mode and in administrator mode and it worked perfectly. Thanks for helping me get all the crap off my computer. PS I just got this new laptop and it came with McAfee. They have a security tab that acts like CCleaner or at least promises to do the same thing as CCleaner. I was wondering if this was the source of the problems? Obviously the McAfee version did not work very well, since I downloaded CCleaner again
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