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  1. @JDPower Some replies on your comments - The reason why my GUI is much bigger than JKD is simply, you don't have to download JKDefrag because it's built in and it has more functions.. Installer / Uninstaller / Screensaver / 64 bits support / more languages all these files are added.. - There's no special reason why my GUI stays open .. it returns to JKDefrag because maybe you want to defrag another folder/file/drive .. and 10MB memory .. ???? Windows Live Messenger takes 25 Skype 25 and i can't think off any reason why 10mb more memory improves defragging.. but this option can be implemented.. no problem at all - And JKD Starter uses the same as my GUI does, for excluding/including/Spacehogs the reason is simpel .. browsing for files and folders is possible but browsing for *.log and other wildcards is not possible.. futher the help button which is added the the inputbox explains enough i think Emiel
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