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  1. Hello! Not sure if this is a bug really, but still reporting you. Well, CCleaner seems to show the total size of deleted files incorrectly, when clicking an "analyze" button and "run cleaner" button afterwards. The results are just different. After analyzing CCleaner shows one value, while after cleaning it shows another. And the second values is often much bigger than the first one. This "bug" doesn't seem dangerous, rather an annoying one. It's just all about not knowing how much space will be freed exactly after the cleaning, 'cause the analyze functions works with some kind of faults. Hope, you'll fix it in the further versions of CCleaner, 'cause your proggy is just wonderful! Respect! p.s.: I'm using Windows Vista Home Basic RUSSIAN (build 6000), Intel Core 2 Duo, GeForce 7950 GT, etc.
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