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  1. CCleaner v2.27

    As usual, thanks so much Mr G !
  2. Anyone used Crucial for buying memory?

    I have 4 gigs of Crucial Memory Ram installed. Been running it for two years now. Never a problem. I have an HP. I have also installed Crucial on a relative's Dell laptop.
  3. New build of CCleaner v2.19

    Massive. Cheers MrG !!
  4. CCleaner v2.05

    Thanks Again Mr G
  5. New CC release

    Thanks MR G !
  6. CCleaner 2.0 Beta Download

    I'm sorry Hobo, but I really don't know. I use vista premium and everything works except for some cookie deletions. I guess we each have found a bug. It's still in beta so I'm confident they will fix it.
  7. CCleaner 2.0 Beta Download

    Try Cleaner/Windows/Advanced and uncheck the item Old Prefetch Data. But still create the C:\windows\prefetch\*.* custom option.
  8. CCleaner 2.0 Beta Download

    You may want to use the Options/Includes menu and add the folder c:\windows\prefetch\*.* Also if you have Windows Vista, then run CCleaner as the Administrator.
  9. CCleaner 2.0 Beta Download

    True. I have mozilla firefox cookies leftover.
  10. Product News - For July

    Looking forward to V.2.0
  11. Cleaning problems

    Here are a few whoppers I got rid of "running as administrator"; C:\Windows\TEMP\WinSAT_DX.etl 6.00MB C:\Windows\TEMP\WinSAT_KernelLog.etl 14.0MB C:\Windows\TEMP\WinSAT_StorageAsmt.etl 3.00MB C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP 227.5MB C:\Windows\system32\wbem\Logs\WMITracing.log 16.0MB C:\Windows\TEMP\B6CA5095-D41A-4300-8A84-2C2FF4A03EB8 13.2MB
  12. CCleaner v1.40 - Change log

    Thanks Mr. G.
  13. deleting folders that refuse to die on windows xp

    I think you are using the free version of MoveOnBoot. If you download the 30 trial of the 2.9 version of MoveOnBoot, it should delete the files. I used it on the Eeye Security Blink Software files that remained after uninstall and it worked. It took me 6 weeks to find it. Hope this helps and also saves you alot of time. GiPo@FileUtilities 2.9 (English) EXE-Setup (0.9 Mb)
  14. CCleaner v1.38

    Thanks Mr. G
  15. May Update News

    Then don't use it. Build your own.
  16. CCleaner v1.27 - Released!

    People becoming new members in the last few hours just to slam new release. I don't believe it. Bogus aliases. Bad Mojo.
  17. CCleaner v1.27 - Released!

    Uninstall then reboot and reinstall CCleaner. Unclick yahoo toolbar (it is the first I have seen it offered - but that's your free choice). One other thing I use Mcafee firewall and antivirus and have Computer Associates Pest Patrol in memory - you might want to add those programs if you have an always on cable modem)
  18. CCleaner v1.27 - Released!

    I installed it at 12:45 pm Eastern Standard Time - and simply unclicked the box that said "install yahoo ccleaner toolbar" - pretty straight forward. Thanks Mr. G. - wonderful program.
  19. CCleaner v1.27 Beta 2 - Out later today

    Thanks. I am looking forward to it!!
  20. CCleaner v1.27 - Beta out!

    Beta is very stable. Running XP SP2. This is an extraordinary update/beta. Thank you Mr. G.
  21. CCleaner v1.27 - Beta this week

    Thanks very much.
  22. Forum Update

    Nice Clean look. Thank you. Pete
  23. Site redesign

    I like it also.
  24. CCleaner v1.21

    This is the best cleaner I have ever used. I have window washer 6.0 and CCleaner is much better, in my opinon.