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  1. Anyone ever use Google Talk?

  2. Thermal Paste And Heatsink

  3. My Other Drive

  4. Birth Of An Island

  5. Disk partitions

    GParted is the best partitioner I've ever worked with
  6. January Desktops

  7. So Cold Outside

    You could probably get a pretty mean overclock in those temperature
  8. Vista Transformation Pack

    Transformation packs like this are for 'newbies' who don't really know or care to customize their own PCs. Personally, doing everything manually with a Visual Style or IP is much easier, not to mention safer. Anything that modifies that many critical system files is pretty dangerous.
  9. What kind of email do you use?

    G-Mail and Thunderbird, along with GSpace Firefox extension to allow it to serve as a removable disk/hard drive.
  10. Lordoftheweb is now 1984

    1984, by George Orwell (I think) A very interesting book.
  11. Raptor (150GB) versus Seagate Barracuda 7200.2 SATA

    SilentPCReview.com has a good number of articles pertaining to that kind of performance v. noise stuff. I don't quite remember but the Barracudas are very well like on that site. I myself have an older IDE WD drive that runs on ball bearings - the constant whine is the loudest part of my computer.
  12. November Desktops

    Posting like the wind
  13. Thanksgiving

    How about sleeping so you can save up for all those Black Friday specials?