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  1. Well its the closest I've come to finding a program that is simple works how I want it to.

    Note to JDPower . . .


    This may or may not be of interest to you, but for what it's worth, here's another backup program. ZIP Backup is not free, but it's reasonable -- about $30.00. http://www.zipbackup.com/partners/wow/?source=wow


    Actually, this is a great little backup app. I used some time ago, migrated to a new computer -- and frankly, just forgot about it. However, I think I'll go back to it. It's extremely easy to use, fast, totally customizable -- and as best I can tell, very reliable.

  2. I found a program called Abakt on there which is quite close to what I wanted


    JDPower . . .


    I'm in the same boat as you were and desperately looking for an app similar to what you described. Just wondering if you're still using Abakt and how it's working for you?

  3. Most interesting comments today on the new Ad-Aware 2007 Free. In light of all this dialogue, how does this new release compare with AVG's Anti-Spyware Free? Is one clearly superior over the other?

  4. Ewieldra's GUI will be available soon. Been in contact with him for a bit about a solution to the above and now Jeroen has built it into the defrag program itself. This new option will be included in the GUI :)


    I have not used this program before, but have heard of it. Will the GUI version be a separate version, or is the GUI just an add-on to 3.9?

  5. This is probably a strange question, but are there any options in CCleaner, that by selecting them, would change the appearance of files in Windows XP folders from either an "icon" or "details" format to a "tile" format? I seem to have experienced this after running CCleaner, but it may have had nothing to do with this CCleaner at all.

  6. Yes Ccleaer already supports the cleaning of Sun Java cache it is listed under "Internet" on the application tab.


    Still somewhat of a "newbie," but I've also noticed quite a buildup in my Sun Java cache (18-20MB). Is this a safe clean, or will it cause residual problems?.

  7. I was just wondering if CCleaner had a provision to "save" a given analysis configuration for future use. I regularly "Analyze" many of the items -- but not all of them. It appears that CCleaner remembers the items that were used (checked) the last time it was run. However, from time to time, I need to make changes in my selection. I thought if there were a way to save these different configurations, it would just save some time in "checking" or "unchecking" the various boxes -- and remembering which boxes I needed to include or exclude.



  8. I just installed winapp2. My app section now displays a couple of apps I didn't even know I had -- maybe they're just the "remnants" of some old stuff. If I don't want these to show up, do I just edit/delete them from the winapp2.ini file -- or is there some other way to do this?


    Also, what happens when new apps are added to the winapp2 file and made available? Do you just download the updated file and start the process all over again -- or do you somehow just merge the newly added apps -- or . . . ????

  9. What I do to make the winapp2 entries easier to spot in CCleaner (and make it easier to select/unselect them) is to add an asterisk to the start of the programs name in winapp2, eg [Audacity] - [*Audacity].

    Then not only is it easier to tell which programs listed in CCleaner are winapp2 entries but they also show up first in each section:


    This is truly a great idea. However, as mentioned earlier, I am a newbie and as yet have not downloaded or installed winapp2.ini -- nor am I totally sure just how winapp2 works.


    So, here are a couple of questions . . . when you first download the winapp2 file, how do you differentiate which apps are in the original CCleaner winapp.ini file and which are in the winapp2 file? Do they get merged together -- or do they remain in two different files? Also, when you insert the asterisk, do you asterisk all of the apps in the winapp2 file -- or just the ones that relate to the apps you have/use?



  10. No, not really.


    Open the CCleaner program folder and look in the .ini files such as winapp.ini and so forth. In them will be applications listed that CCleaner can detect, so in other words if you don't have the applications installed that CCleaner detects they won't be listed in CCleaner at all.


    Now lets say you uninstall Adobe Reader, it would then disappear from the Applications list since it wouldn't be installed anymore.



    So, is it reasonably safe to install the supplemental winapp2.ini downloads -- or is this rather risky?

  11. I have basically the same question. I, too, am a fairly new user and noticed that in the "Cleaner" secion of CCleaner under the "Application" tab there is another section titled "Applications." Only two apps show up here -- Adobe Reader and Nero Burning. Should there be more???



  12. I am a brand new CCleaner user. This app looks so interesting that I'd like to do some MAJOR cleaning. However, I know that this could probably get me into some big touble real fast. CCleaner seems to have found lots of stuff on my computer that could be removed, However, I'm not a "techie." So, when I look at all the stuff it finds, how do I know what's safe to clean (delete) -- and what's not?

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