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  1. VNC Software

    Thanks for all the help, Nodles. One last question for tonight . . . does the remote/client computer have have a web browser open or logged onto the internet in some fashion?
  2. VNC Software

    Just played with this a little and noticed a little box in the lower right hand corner of the remote monitor. Because the background color is so heavily "grayed," I can hardly read what's in the box. At least this is how it displays on my computer. Is there any way to make it more readable.
  3. VNC Software

    Not trying to sound totally stupid about this, but are you saying that you have an "installed" version on your computer and everyone else you help/assist runs the ".exe" version?
  4. VNC Software

    I lost you with this statement. What exactly do you mean by this?
  5. VNC Software

    I noticed that you can either "install" or just "run" TeamViewer from the executable. Which of these two options works better -- or doesn't it really matter?
  6. VNC Software

    Is TeamViewer fairly easy to work with -- and is it free?
  7. Is there any problem with deleting .NET Framework temp files?
  8. .NET Framework Temp Files

    Yes it is.
  9. DBAN is a self-contained boot disk that will definitely remove the OS (and everything else). Be careful though because it will also nuke any other drives that you might have attached.
  10. Partition Managers

    Anyone have any experience with either MiniTool Free Partition Wizard or Easeus Partition Master Free? Pros/Cons?? Or, is there a better free option?
  11. Partition Managers

    Thanks so much for the clarifications, Alan. By the way, do you think any one of these apps is better than another one at converting a FAT32 external drive to NTFS?
  12. Partition Managers

    Thanks for the insight, Dennis. When installing these apps, can they be installed on the system drive or should they be installed on a drive other than the "target" drive? By the way, I just installed MiniTool Partition Wizard Home 7.1 to take a look at it and found that in the "Partition" tab drop down menu there is a "Merge" option. Based on what's been said so far in this thread, does this option not work?
  13. Duplicate files

    Auslogics also has a free one which is pretty straight forward. I believe it compares a few different criteria including MD5: http://www.auslogics...te-file-finder/
  14. Remote Procedure Call problem

    Just tried deleting a few restore points with CCleaner 3.15 and received the following error message on my XP machine: Error: 1722 - The RPC server is unavailable Any thoughts on how to correct this? EDIT: Have been fiddling with it and seem to have it fixed. Not sure what I did, but it seems to be working as of now.
  15. A general question . . . do you re-run the "Trim" routine after each Winapp2.ini update -- or after adding new software -- or both?
  16. .NET Framework

    I have several versions of .NET Frameworks installed (1.1, 2.0 SP2, 3.0 SP2, 3.5 SP1 and 4.0). Can I uninstall everything except 4.0 and not run into any problems -- or is each version dependent upon the previous version?
  17. .NET Framework

    "Installing 3.5 SP1 (~250 MB) will install .NET 2 and 3 and too, however installing .NET 4.0 will not due to technical reasons. .NET 4 comes in two profiles : Client and Extended. Most software only need the Client part (~40 MB)" Guess I'm not totally following this. So, does this mean that if you have .NET 4 installed, .NET 1-3 can be uninstalled?
  18. Unless I'm doing something wrong (which could be), it still doesn't work for me on my x86 machine. Does this only work with CCleaner portable (mine's installed)?
  19. New monitor

    Also still using XP and considering a monitor upgrade. Is is pretty much Plug & Play -- or do you need to install drivers?
  20. Is the "trim_2.bat" file just placed in the CCleaner folder? If that's the correct procedure, it didn't seem to work on my XP SP3 system.
  21. NTFS vs FAT32

    My system drive and one of my external drives are both NTFS volumes. My other external is FAT32. Is there any compelling reason to convert the FAT 32 to NTFS?
  22. NTFS vs FAT32

    Interesting reading guys -- thanks for the info. I just saw this directly from Microsoft. If you can believe what you read here, it doesn't sound like the conversion should be a particularly big deal -- but I know how that often goes . http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307881 By the way, my FAT32 external is a 1TB drive -- the other one is 2TB. I'll probably have to think long and hard before jumping into this one.
  23. Hard disk extra working...

    I asked this above, but no reply (not impatient, just thought it was probably missed). If you disable "Automatic Updates" in XP, what's the easiest procedure for manually checking for Windows updates?
  24. Hard disk extra working...

    Andavari-- if you change this service setting to "manual," how do you go about manually checking for Windows updates?
  25. Take care downloading from Cnet (Download.com)

    Andavari. . . what HOSTS file manager/blocker are you currently using?