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  1. QUOTE What do you guys think about norton would yuo say and part of it is good or sould i get ride of it and go with somehting else?? Plz Help __________ Oh.....Norton definitely sucks as software and as a company. I had a whole suite of their software on my computer. It intertwines so deep in your system that there will always be unremovable chucks floating around. Many viruses it did find it couldn't do a thing about. First it would find one and couldn't delete it. Want it quarrentined? OK, well it couln't do that either. Want NAV to ignore it on the next scan? OH baby what a way for software to NOT help you! (It happened many times). I had NAV start screwing up, meaning it wouldn't auto update because according to their website, NAV had a virus itself! I went to their site and did all their proceedures to fix it and no sucess. Had their techs in INDIA work with me for an hour and a half and they couldn't fix it, meanwhile they damaged other Norton programs like PC anywhere, etc. Their final advice was to buy the lastest new version of Norton system works. BUT my subscription was NOT over yetI Wrote the company...no response...yes I was nice at first ...then I told them how great they were and I would dereccomend them to as many people as I could. I switched back to Mcaffee and so far it has worked smoothly. There was one virus that mcaffee and several internet antivirus programs couldn't remove, because windows said it needed it! So since I had the file name, I exited to the DOS command prompt and deleted it myself. As a side note, many people I know and myself agree that these antivirus companies create most of the viruses to keep themselves in business...sorta like the Mafia...only worse! LOL -Keep smiling-
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