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  1. Just started my career as a designer and thought I'd make a concept UI for one my favourite apps from the past
  2. April Desktops

    These are blueberries according to the person who uploaded the wallpaper onto the internets https://alpha.wallhaven.cc/wallpaper/288241
  3. April Desktops

    I posted this in the March Desktops thread. It belongs here!
  4. I have very fond memories of this place!
  5. I will, I will! You guys helped me learn the Internet in my early days.
  6. I am surprised most of you are still here! Hope you're all doing okay.
  7. March Desktop

  8. CCleaner 5.0 beta GUI

    That would just end up making the file larger than it already is. The interface is pretty clean and not very Metro. It's a good balance. Besides, people don't spend too much time with CCleaner to pay so much heed. For example, I just run it from the Context Menu of the Recycle Bin. CCleaner is useful. People would hardly stop using it for something such as this imo.
  9. October Desktops

    i5-3470 3.2GHz | 8.00 GB DDR3 RAM | DELL S2240L 21.5 in 1920 x 1080 | AMD Radeon HD 7870 | 1 TB Seagate
  10. Was just messing around with Photoshop and I made this. Thought I'd share it here.
  11. New CCleaner build 4.18.4844

    Why are they two different things - active and system? shouldn't they technically be the same thing working together? >I understand that system monitoring won't work unless Active monitoring is ticked. >but active monitoring will work independently - but what will it monitor without system monitoring being checked? >it says active monitoring will keep CCleaner up to date (confirmation box) - so is this an auto update feature? > does this mean that you won't have to open CCleaner ever again? edit: haha this is so weird.
  12. CCleaner 4.18.4842 remains in taskbar!

    Yep, why do you have to untick it in two different areas to disable it? Don't think it's a bug. Just poor implementation.
  13. made a flat CCleaner UI on Photoshop. for fun :)

    Haha, hey man! How have you been? I was going to add one and then realised that I see the CC window for less than 10 seconds at a time and most of the time, it is Right click Recycle Bin and "Run CCleaner". Hey Hazel! No offence taken. I prefer flat because it is easier to design and there is more focus on the content/information. But obviously, it comes down to personal preference.
  14. Introducing Agomo

    I think it lets you run CCleaner, etc. from a remote location.
  15. August Desktops

  16. May Desktops

    Why thanks Rob, Hazel and Login! Just got a new 22" monitor (a new desktop, actually) and I was just browsing Piriform and thought "why not?" I've been so busy with college lately! Good day to ya'll.
  17. May Desktops

  18. The Piriform Factory

    Haha, I loved Nergal's.
  19. Source All credits to MrXidius over at MalwareTips.com
  20. IP filters! Alright, I'll keep that in mind Hazel, thanks!
  21. It takes you to the official Piriform page. Use this if you doubt me: http://longurl.org/
  22. Finally.! I am able to get back online in this forum

    I no longer require proxies/VPN to log in! I hope this lasts.
  23. Finally.! I am able to get back online in this forum

    Haha, me too. Cheers.
  24. Tor Browser

    Hello guys. It's been ages since I have been here... mainly due to mass IP ban here. (I don't know why.) Anyway, I wanted to tell you guys about Tor Browser. This is what helped me get on the forums as it anonymizes your IP. How is everyone? Website: https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en
  25. Remember installation options

    Hello darrask! This has been suggested a million times (an exaggeration, obviously) and I am pretty sure the devs have read about it but they probably have their reasons for not including it.