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  1. CCleaner 2.0 BETA BUG !

    I dont know, I cant understand that kind of problem, very strange indeed.
  2. CCleaner 2.0 BETA BUG !

    I dont know, I ask a friend and his installed programs missing to, but he is with XP.
  3. Latest updates pushed down

    August 2007 Security Release Image: Compatible with: Windows 2000 SP4, Windows 2003 Sever, Windows XP (x86, x64 bit), Windows Vista (x86, x64 bit). Download: August 2007 Security Releases ISO Image (2.74 GB) All updates included in the ISO Image.
  4. C-Cleaner & all-in-one

    A nice idea, yes the time is important, but I think MrG and the others CAN do it! It will be the best tool for tweak, clean, defrag and recover files EVER !
  5. Hi. Thanks for the new version, nice interface and nice features. But have one bug. I dont know maybe is only on my machine/operating system. I start the unistall tool, I have installed 20 or more programs, but CCleaner founds only 1 - uTorrent. Here is the screen: Btw, I'm running on Windows Vista.
  6. Recuva v1.03.100 Final

    10x for the Final MrG, MrRon
  7. Ok we have Final version. Where the translations start ?
  8. CCleaner v2.0 News

    Sounds great! I think the new release will need to update the translations?
  9. Translations?

    I'm bulgarian translator, when Recuva have stable version i will translate it!
  10. Translations?

    Where the translations for Recuva begin? I need to know... Sorry for my bad english
  11. Bulgarian Translation

    Ok I will wait
  12. Bulgarian Translation

    Thanks! And the release date of new version is?
  13. CCleaner + Vista Ultimate 64-bit

    It works, I've tested CCleaner on Vista 64 bit in my friend! Works good for me...
  14. Hi. I translated the bulgarian version of the program with the Piriform Online Translator. The translation is ready! Will be the bulgarian translation integrated in the new version of the program? Regards! RMPG Radoslav Botev Bulgaria, Pleven!