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  1. Safe to Remove these ?

    Good day to one and all....I would like to know how long is it necesssary to keep the backups before deleting it. Thanks!
  2. CCleaner v1.39 - Change Log

    Just received the email (since I gave a donation) and it 's one of those things in life that ''only get better'' Man, it is at lightning speed!!! Thanks ,Mr. G Was the ''flash'' problem fixed?
  3. CCleaner v1.38

    It makes no sense when features like PerfectDisk and ''Flash'' are on the menus that when they DON'T WORK they would be fixed.Why offer them in the first place if they don't function.My loyality since the begining of CC is wearing very thin.
  4. CCleaner v1.38

    I was hoping Prefect Disk 8 logs and the ''Flash '' problems would have been fixed in the new edition just can't understand when we take our time to report that the corrections are not fixed. I'm quite disapointed
  5. It would be nice if we could have http://www.dozleng.com/updates/index.php?act=calendar on this site That way I could visit here first and then do my daily updates. I'ts like ''killing 2 birds with 1 stone''

    I trust CCleaner will correct this problem in the next version. I was only pointing out that it did not clean out the logs. I'am not knowledgable enough to know if your ''fix'' was done before or after the PERFECT DISK 8 update.Having said the above CCleaner is still the best cleaner out their.

    Is their a solution ?????

    This is the link for a free evaluation it is fully operational,TwistedMetal,CC and PD8 are my favorite keepers. www.raxco.com/products/downloadit/pd_download_home.cfm -

    Hello I'am not sure exactly what you mean.

    I have no doubt that CCleaner is a excellant program and strives for perfection. I'am not sure why it does not clean PERFECTDISK 8 Logs.I know it does not because after PD is finished I run CC AND don't see the log files I then open PD'S logs and deleat them.Perhaps the next version will fix the problem.
  11. help with defrag

    Empty your Prefetch then do a checkdisk after clear Event Viewer if your curious look in applications for Winlogon it will tell you the errors-then run CCleaner -EMPTY recycle bin then DefragPerfect Disk has a 30 day trial and in my opinion is much better than Windows Defrag Hope this helps.
  12. CCleaner v1.30 - Nearly ready

    Just received the newest version and it's lightning fast (v1.30.310) Since this quality program is still free (remember JV16) Why not make a small donation -so we can keep it like that ya ya keep it like that and after you give you will for life receive a pre release version early. Thanks for the great program Mr.G and to all the testers who help in development.
  13. CCleaner v1.29 - Release notes

    Good news I received the new version in my email today!!! If you give a small donation to support CC -and why should'nt you if you use the program-I must use it 25 times a day-so please support Mr.G-You don't have to give much so it can remain a free program.