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  1. And... How about adding the files: cancelled.met known2_64.met - since several mods use those? But anyway - I removed the default eMule entries in winapp.ini and added this to winapp2.ini: [eMule]LangSecRef=3022DetectFile=%ProgramFiles%\eMuleFileKey1=%ProgramFiles%\eMule\config|AC_SearchStrings.datFileKey2=%ProgramFiles%\eMule\config|cancelled.metFileKey3=%ProgramFiles%\eMule\config|known2.metFileKey4=%ProgramFiles%\eMule\config|known2_64.metFileKey5=%ProgramFiles%\eMule\config|known.metFileKey6=%ProgramFiles%\eMule\config|statistics.ini
  2. Wouldn't it be better to detect eMule using DetectFile=%ProgramFiles%\eMule\eMule.exe as many eMule mods only comes as binary files and not with an installer. I say this because I've experienced having eMule in the Program Files\eMule folder but not in the registry. So to get these 2 entries to work I had to manually create a key in the registry (HKCU\Software\eMule). What do you think?
  3. Nevermind... will just stop using it
  4. I see that the BitComet 'plugin' clears any current download but doesn't remove the torrents. But what's the deal of that... whenever removing a download (finished or whatever) in the client it's deleted from the downloads.xml file anyway... so it's not like a log of what you ever downloaded. Let me know... thanx
  5. BTW -- for this, MrG added a comment http://forum.CCleaner.com/index.php?showto...5683entry5683
  6. Experiencing some sudden shutdown. Believe I've used this version before without problems but now -- when starting -- if I choose Run Cleaner right away it'll shutdown before finishing. If I instead click one or options off and then on again, it works fine. Very weird. Using version 1.18.101. XP SP2. Analyze works fine. Edit: What I've found is this: When 'Autocomplete from History' is enabled it crashes. And by crashes I mean it close without finishing the cleanup and without saving settings. No error/popup is shown.
  7. Hmm... weird, I'm using eMule Plus and don't have a known2.met but anyway, not that important. Maybe it's because I don't have any downloads right now... For Jimbo51: Cleaning out downloaded files using CCleaner is a good solution. No question about that. I've added it to startup though, to remove the file on every boot, but notice that I don't use eMule much so I don't care about files needed to be hashed. If any interest I've put a .cmd file in a custom folder and added a shortcut to it. To avoid that window to show on boot I've rightclicked the shortcut and chosed Run: Minimized (then it will only show on the taskbar for a sec or two). .CMD content: @ECHO OFFDEL C:\PROGRA~1\EMULE\CONFIG\AC_SEA~1.DATDEL C:\PROGRA~1\EMULE\CONFIG\KNOWN.METDEL C:\PROGRA~1\FLASHR~1\LOG.TXTDEL C:\PROGRA~1\WINAMP\WINAMP.M3U - As you can see I use it for 2 other appz as well. It's my log of renamed files (mostly mp3s) and my latest playlist in winamp (because I got the files on an encrypted partition). Anyway, that's all for now...
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