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CCleaner Advance Wipe Free never finishes!

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#1 OFFLINE bcdshorty



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Posted 14 May 2009 - 09:09 PM

I will admit I know 3 things about computers; how to turn them on, how to turn them off and how to search the net. I got the CCleaner software from download.com because i only have 548.MB left on my C: Drive and I thought the Advance wipe thing would help me. Well I did all the other suggested cleans that automatically default once you turn the "thing" on. After all of that finished I ran the cleaner again, but this time I only checked the Advanced "wipe free space" I started this at 10pm May 13. It is now 10pm May 14th, and it has been stuck at 96% the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME!! What and why is the cleaner doing this? Please help. I don't know what to do. :unsure:

#2 OFFLINE Augeas



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Posted 15 May 2009 - 03:37 AM

Wipe free space will not help your lack of space at all. After you ran the Cleaner option how much space did you have on the disk?

I would chop your current run of CC, if you haven't already. Over 24 hours is too much. You may need to reboot to do this.

Look on your c drive for fairly large files with random names and no extension (I believe) created during the time you ran CC wipe free space. They are fillers created by CC and should be deleted.

Check how much free space you have. Can you archive any data, half a gig is nothing really. Run the Cleaner part of CC again, and check how much free space etc.

I would then run a defrag, the Windows offering is fine. Check free space, and post back here. You may need a second defrag.

I would not be in a hurry to run wipe free space at all. It is intended to overwrite old deleted data, and won't give you any more free space. Do not touch the Registry clean section of CC unless you're very sure of what you're doing.

#3 OFFLINE Stonecarver



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Posted 27 May 2009 - 11:00 PM

I have also had the problem of Wipe Free Space not finishing after begin given 12h to run. But, I understand that wipe free space only writes random data over memory that has already been freed-up by deleting files. In other words, wipe free space prevents more advanced software from recovering deleted files.

I think Augeas has missed the point, which is that the feature does not terminate properly: Wipe Free Space gets stuck at ~97%, and one must press 'Cancel' to end it. After which, I am not sure that Wipe Free Space has done its job properly and what it has left lying around.



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Posted 02 June 2009 - 09:59 AM

I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with Wipe Free space.

We haven't been able to reproduce the problem in house. if we can't reproduce it is very difficult to come up with a solution.

Would you be able to post more details about your system and version of CCleaner.

Are you able to reproduce this problem every time you run Wipe free space?

Thank you

#5 OFFLINE theverybfg



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Posted 06 June 2009 - 01:01 PM

I too am experiencing the problem with Wipe Free Space stuck at 98% and never finishing.

It happens with CCleaner v2.20.920 as well as its predecessor. My system details follow:

Component Brand Version
Motherboard ASRock 775VM800 775LGA F.4.3
CPU Intel Prescott P4 640
Memory Hyundai DDR PC3200 @200MHz 2 x 1GB
BIOS American Megatrends P1.50
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce 6800XT
Graphics Driver NVIDIA
Video Card Leadtek Winfast PVR TV2000XP
Video Driver Leadtek Winfast
Codec DVX 7
Codec DirectX 9.0c 6.0.2600.0
Operating system Windows XP Home SP3 5.1.2600
Sound Card C-Media AC97
Sound Card Driver C-Media
Network Adapter Netgear WG111T 108Mbps Wireless USB2.0
Network Adapter Driver Netgear
Browser 1 Mozilla Firefox 3.0.10
Browser 2 Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702
Animation SW Macromedia Flash
Scripting Java Runtime 7.5.394.0
Antivirus Alwil Avast
Antispyware SuperAntiSpywareblaster 4.24.1004
Antispyware Spybot
Firewall Windows Defender 1.49.1841.0
System Settings WinPatrol 14.0.2007.1
Disk Defragmenter Diskkeeper Lite 7.0.418.0
System File Defragmenter Page Defrag 5.1.2600.5512
Disk Scanner Windows CHKDSK N/A
Registry scanner Registry First Aid
Registry scanner CCleaner 2.20.920
Registry scanner Regcure
System Monitor SiSoftware Sandra 2009.1.15.72
System Monitor Speedfan 4.37

#6 OFFLINE cgardener



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Posted 25 June 2009 - 05:57 AM

I came here because I'm having the same problem. I decided to use this feature, and now it's stuck at 96% and not doing anything but continuously running. I hope it hasn't messed up my machine!

#7 OFFLINE ishan_rulz


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Posted 25 June 2009 - 06:10 AM

No it hasn't messed up your PC, it just takes too long. :)

I never used it tho, so I'm not sure.
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