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  2. Hello Dave, I did it (installing + introducing the key) but I received once again the message today telling me I have to renew my licence And otherwise, I don't understand why I paid 49.96 € without the discount? Thank you for your help Regards
  3. The license code goes into effect when you purchase it, so best to wait imho
  4. Before chrome V77 it worked fine clearing down the most visited and recently visited pages
  5. Thanks for the response. No I am not logged in or sync'd
  6. Hi Bertrand! When you purchased you would have received a new serial key (starting with PRYT) that you need to enter into CCleaner (Options > About > License Information > Register New Key). That should resolve your problem.
  7. CCleaner for Mac Version 1.15 is from mid-2018 and only supports up to High Sierra (macOS 10.13). If you are using MacOS 1.14 then the first thing to try would be updating yourself to CCleaner for Mac 1.17. Note that CCleaner for Mac 1.14 had a known issue with automatically updating itself, but you can grab the update manually from here https://download.ccleaner.com/mac/CCMacSetup117.dmg
  8. Is your Chrome 'Synced'? If so then CCleaner cannot touch any information saved in the cloud, and it will be automatically restored. So CC can clear it from your machine, but the cloud server will just sync it back again. You could try 'Incognito' mode, or the new 'Guest' mode with Chrome v77, either of those should not save your history. https://mspoweruser.com/google-now-allow-users-to-launch-chrome-in-guest-mode-by-default/
  9. Hello, I am Ccleaner user and I received an automatic message to renew my licence. I followed the link but the only price proposed was without promotion and I paid 49.96 € for 2 years on 2019/09/19 (first bug?) Today 2019/09/23 I received once again the same automatic message telling me that if I don't renew my licence I will not be able to use more Ccleaner Thank you to help me ! Bertrand KRON (France)
  10. Thanks for the revised entry and the replies. Winapp2.ini updates: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/65a0564df9b27c516edfde530a00a466c366b3d5 https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/4a9d5257de081c68c43c77900d18acc41d664554
  11. All 64 bit, Windows 1903, Google Chrome V77. ccleaner 5.61.7392. All options selected for cleaning in Google Chrome app tab in ccleaner. When I right click google chrome icon in taskbar after cleaning the most visited sites and most recent sites are still listed. Tried this many times. It could be to do with latest Google Chrome V77 as I have noticed that right clicking the taskbar icon doesn't always show collated shortcuts either. Anybody else seen this, any plans to fix it?
  12. If you're going to clean the registry perhaps keep the backup .REG files for a period of 3 to 6 months. With registry cleaning any damage caused by it may not be obvious for months later. Also your version of CCleaner it outdated, you can get a newer version at: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
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  14. nukecad: It´s a good possible explanation. As a consecuence of my observations and related to your comment: I verify that the Smart Cleaning acts only on the items that you have checked because after the cleaning alert a manual searching of junk shows the same. You can test it.
  15. Same issue here on a MacBook Air 2018 with CCleaner Pro 1.15.07. Hangs for approx 15 minutes at the same point (72% Google Chrome Internet Cache). I've double checked the previously suggested possible solutions, but to no avail. 🤔 Ironically I can't submit accompanying screenshots in this reply as the form simply states "Loading..." in the attachment section, regardless of browser. 😏
  16. There's no need to keep all of them, maybe just the last one(s) Though I do advise caution in cleaning the registry so often. You really only need the backup files to solve problems that occur from the removal of registry entries mistakenly thought issues by ccleaner. See my signature below this post for good rules to follow when using the registry section
  17. I use CCleaner Free v5.60.7307 (64-bit) on my WIN10 Home x64 desktop. Over the years I have been storing the cc_yyyymmdd_######.reg files on my HDD; about 45 now exist. Is there any practical reason for me to retain these files? Should I retain all 45 files? I just mistakenly ran a cc_.reg file that was created on Jan 13, 2019, thinking that its contents would open in NOTEPAD/text editor; I wanted to view the contents, only. To correct this, should I run the most recent cc_.reg file to overwrite the Jan 13th edition? TNX for reading this.
  18. Thanks, but there aren't any Chrome extensions that address this issue (tried that already). I'm just suggesting that this feature be added to the Ccleaner Browser. Piriform wanted suggestions, right?
  19. I've not used (or even seen) the CC browser yet, but it's a Chromium based browser so Chrome add-ons/extensions should work with it. If an extension you are trying to add is not installing/working take a look at 'extension guard' in the CC browser tools.
  20. I'm not looking to open all links with new tabs in FireFox, I want to do it in the Ccleaner browser.
  21. - No. Defraggler still hasn't that option. - You can use the "Defragment Free Space" option in combination of the "Exclude" option. But I am not too keen on using this option because this option also moves some files - located in folders that are excluded - towards the beginning of the disk. At that point the program code has to be improved as well. But I fear that Windows is somehow interfering with this option.
  22. You don't need an extension to open all links in a new tab, it's been built into the Firefox options for a while now.
  23. Many webistes save such information as a 'Form', so try unchecking 'Saved Form Information' as well as 'Passwords' for Chrome. Or you could right-click on 'Saved Form Information' and Analyze to see if your bank has put something there, and make anything that it has an exclusion. (I don't know about Chrome but Firefox just saves all form information in your user profile as one database file called 'formhistory.sqlite'). Be aware though that some sites, especially those dealing with money, do require you to enter your password etc. every time you visit. Even if you tell your browser to save the information the website will not allow those fields to be autofilled and you have to type it in every time. It's a security measure so that if your device is ever stolen the thief can't just automatically access you money.
  24. I have the same problem with Lloyds Bank in UK. They save my PC so that I don't need to do the extra security check each time. After I clean with CCleaner I always have to do the check again. I have preserved all cookies related to the bank. I ran CCleaner without cleaning cookies or internet cache at all for Chrome and it was fine, but if I clean Internet cache (but not cookies) the security check returns. The information that the bank has stored is therefore not a cookie but must be something in the cache. Is there any way of finding and preserving it?
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