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  2. - Another thing: If the amount of free disk space goes under a certain level (1% ?? 0.5% ??) then Windows is smart enough to automatically free up space. And one of those things is that Windows removes is one or more System Restore Points. - You can use CCleaner as well to remove one or more SRPs.
  3. Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool updated to support new versions https://betanews.com/2019/11/14/microsoft-net-framework-repair-tool-updated-to-support-new-versions/
  4. Okay I managed to get Windows to Clean off all of those massive restore points Panic over Case closed Thanks to those who gave any advices & court adjourned
  5. Okay I tried Wiztree and fair enough I found these huge 'articles' (what use to Windows/system are they) obviously these are whats taking up like 120GB a and I know where they are but I cant get at them they have some sort of HSA attributes on them But theyre files/articles created during the defrag process I know because I saw the Pie chart overview representing HDD space get fatter by a chunk in the first minute of the full defrag they must have been created right then & there At the end of the day theres no getting rid of them to get my whopping 120Gigs back is there! ... At trium :- reinstall DeFraggler just to try that You must be joking! I am not letting DF cause any more problems on this machine - I am fkn. angry as hell about this
  6. No, the red dotted files have their data overwritten by another file, so they are not recoverable. (Actually they are, but you will be recovering the data from the overwriting file which presumably you don't want.)
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  8. My ex husband had put teamview on my computer and able to access without my knowledge. He deleted files and I used Recuva and retrieved some but is it possible to retrieve the red dotted ones? I also didn’t check the enable button before starting the search would that make a difference? I’m not IT knowledgeable to know exactly if I’m doing it right. Thanks for your help!
  9. By mistake I checked to clean my recycle bin. Have new 5.63 version. Where to I change this setting to stop removing files from recycle bin? Thanks
  10. Ok I solved First disable; " Tell me when there are junk files to clean" and then you can disable Smart Cleaning
  11. In CCleaner 5.63 There are 3 boxes ticked under Enable Automatic Browser Cleaning click on each browser and you get a drop down page click on disabled do this to all of them. Now click off Enable Automatic Browser Cleaning and click off Enable Smart Cleaning you do get a Warning Message click YES. You now turned off Enable Smart Cleaning this is working for Me. if it does not work Reinstall CCleaner. Good Luck Kas.
  12. Actually Win10 1909 likes me very much Hazelnut! It's the only hiccup I noticed on a Dell laptop and an Acer laptop. I reported it to Microsoft, so they'll at least be aware of it. I'm avoiding MBAM 4 here Nukecad for the GUI issues I have with it.
  13. Could you give more details, and maybe a screenshot? Just in case you don't already know- To make a screenshot press the 'alt' and 'prt scr' keys when you have CCleaner open and active. That puts the window content into your clipboard. Then in your next post press 'alt' and 'v' (or right click and select paste).
  14. In Ccleaner 5.61 and now 5.63 I cant uncheck the Smart Cleaning
  15. Kas777


    Why Does CCLeaner not open or RUN in safe-mode the old version did.
  16. It always find stuff in a second or third running because Windows automatically recreates some files immediately after you have deleted them. If you do this multiple times then Windows will pause recreating them while it tries to work out what keeps deleting them. So it looks like CCleaner has finally got rid of them, but they'll be back again minutes later. If you don't want to constantly keep seeing these files then make them an 'Exclude' in CCleaner, so that it will ignore them. eg. One of them is "C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCookies\deprecated.cookie". If you delete that it just comes back again, so exclude it and CC will then ignore it. (On my machine I also have 3 Adobe font files excluded, again if not excluded CC deletes them and Adobe just puts them back again). Alternatively these may be files that are being synced back to your machine from the cloud, usually by your browser. To stop those coming back you have to delete them from the cloud, or turn off syncing. See 'Secondly' in this post for more about what these files are that Windows automatically recreates: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/52668-tracking-files/?tab=comments#comment-300043
  17. maybe this has been discussed before but I couldn't find it. Anyways, I've been using ccleaner for a long time and like it. But I usually run it 2,3,4 times in a row and it almost always finds more stuff the 2nd running even the 3rd running of the program, I wish there was a button that I could check and the program would run the number of times I have checked automatically. That way I don't have to restart it each time.
  18. Agreed, and agreed, to both those points. (But we don't have any real say in that, as volunteer moderators we can suggest but....). It's often been suggested in the past that CC should make a backup of the files that it removes. The big problem there is that if you are clearing files to free up disc space, which is part of what Health Check boasts, then making a backup of the removed files defeats that object because the backup will still take up that space. The same applies to Windows own Disk Clean-up and Storage Sense; they don't have a backup option either and for the same reason.
  19. nukecad

    Windows 10 1909

    I'm aware that this can also happen if you have recently updated to, or newly installed, Malwarebytes version 4 on your machine. It doesn't always happen, it depends on how you have MB set to register/not register with the Windows Security Centre. If it is set to register then it will turn off Defender. (Any 'traditional' anti-virus programme that you install does that). If it set to not register then both Defender and MB4 will run side by side quite happily, giving you double protection. I gave a bit more information about that here: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/54677-malwarebytes-4-now-rtm/?tab=comments#comment-312012
  20. Thx, that was my fear... There schould be a warning, before running"Health check". btw: The new name ist missleading... :-/
  21. JFYI: Ashampoo is not the vendor of CrashRpt. CrashRpt is a library used by various programs. https://forum.piriform.com/topic/32310-winapp2ini-additions/page/325/?tab=comments#comment-312266 http://crashrpt.sourceforge.net/
  22. CCleaner can find duplicated files for you, - but you have to select which, if any, you want to remove yourself. CCleaner cannot make that decision for you, only you know which you want to keep and which you want to remove. You would not be happy if CCleaner removed the wrong duplicate. Only ever remove duplicates of your own files, photos/videos/documents/music files/etc. that you have saved. Don't remove any duplicated system files, copies of system files are often needed in more than one location and deleting them may (will) stop your computer working properly.
  23. You don't have to do anything. 🙂 I will add the new entry with the next update (next week).
  24. As Nergal said above it is an error with the licencing server. We have now been told that a new server is being installed this weekend, and that until that is up and running these (incorrect) renewal notifications have now been turned off so you shouldn't get any more.
  25. It didn't happen on my Win Defender machine. 1909 musn't like you !! (but a good heads up for others)
  26. Not really other than revisiting the website so that it gives you the cookie again. The same would also apply for anything removed by Custom Clean as well, once they are gone they are gone. Unless you have made a 'mirror image' backup of of your system that you can restore? PS. A normal backup wouldn't do, it would need to be a 'mirror image'. https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/4241/how-to-create-a-system-image-in-windows-7/ (You might be able to do something with Recuva, - if you have not done anything on your computer since wiping them, and of course you would also need to know the filename in which the removed cookie(s) were stored in order to know which file(s) to restore. TBH I suspect that it would be a fruitless attempt and I doubt that I'd even try it myself).
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