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  1. Yesterday
  2. Steps tp use deep clean

    I am still unclear (after some serious seaching) how to give Ccleaner permission to perform a "deep clean"
  3. Here is a capture of the said behaviour: Project 1.mp4
  4. Easy Clean

    I would like to know how "Easy Clean" got on my computer. I didn't do any updates, it been asking and I say no. I been on 5.56.7144 64 bit and it didn't use to ask or show anything about "Easy Clean". Then all of a sudden it shows up! Perhaps it just had a date to show up or it loaded without asking. I noticed CCleaner has two scheduled task I never approved and one gets around the UAC. The other is an update, which may update something, but I still get notices to update to new releases that I ignore for a couple of weeks. Think CCleaner may be at the end of what I care to use.
  5. The problem appears to be more extensive than just jumplists. Having performed a ccleaner custom clean with all conceivable wipe options selected I reopened firefox and navigated to youtube expecting to start a new log in and guess what, I find myself still logged in to my account! Tried this a dozen times in a row. Closed Firefox, let cceaner autoclean, then opened ccleaner to do a manual clean, reopened firefox and navigated to you youtube and.......... I'm still logged in to gmail and youtube. Interestingly, for a brief moment on loading the youtube's homepage it doesn't appear that I'm logged in but suddenly the page does a reloads and logs me right back in. Currently the only reliable way to clean my browser history and logins is by doing it manual clean through the firefox browser itself. I have no idea what on earth is going on here but as things stand CCleaner is redundant and not fit for purpose. Any CCleaner programmers wish to comment?
  6. Why is CCleaner putting in two scheduled task, one to update at 0218 every day and another to skip UAC check? It is not updating as I get the request to update and usually ignore it foe several weeks. Also, when I do a manual start, I get the UAC check. However, they are both in scheduled task and operations completed successfully today. I would never had noticed, but for the first time in years, I put in a scheduled task.
  7. I think the corrupted .ini file only pertained to me (I hope). It went into the trash. Still don't know why Easy Clean only shows up when CCleaner is "run as administrator". Is that a me too only thing?
  8. ublock users

    ublock v1.19.2 gorhill released this May 11, 2019 Closed as fixed Untokenizable filters with one wilcard no longer work
  9. ublock users

    ublock v1.19.0 gorhill released this May 10, 2019 New New cosmetic procedural operator: :nth-ancestor(x), where x is the distance from the currently selected node. It is effectively a low-overhead equivalent to :xpath(..[/..]*). Using an existing filter as an example: fastbay.org##.detLink:has-text(VPN):xpath(../../..) Could be rewritten with the new operator: fastbay.org##.detLink:has-text(VPN):nth-ancestor(3) The new operator has a lower overhead as it avoids the need to create and execute XPath expressions. Closed as fixed Chromium web_accessible_resource secret token accessible to webpages Related Chromium issue: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=957866. This currently affects browsers based on Chromium 74. I was unable to reproduce the issue with Chromium 73 or Google Chrome 75. The mitigation here is to create a new secret token for every network request which is internally redirected to a web accessible resource. DNS Prefetching on HTTP sites Firefox Firefox does not load homepage completely when operating in Single-process Core No Large Media setting with 0KB should block all images Incorrect display of hostnames with numbers in the logger Remove duplicate lines when importing user filters Can't add some network filters via element picker, create button grayed out Wrong Map method used (pull request by n-leigh) Make the lists activate by default in browser languages that are minority languages in the lists' countries Dashboard tabs are unresponsive after a while ::before / ::after no longer hidden as generic filter? Using multiple userResourcesLocation lists userResourcesLocation URL appears twice in the logger Commits with no entry in issue tracker Add HNTrieRef.dump() and STrieRef.dump() as dev tool Add new cosmetic procedural operator: :nth-ancestor(n) Do not store impossible to match filters in HNTrie Make token hashes fit within a 32-bit integer Increase resolution of known-token lookup table Ignore unknown tokens in urlTokenizer.getTokens() Fix page count computation in publicSuffixList.enableWASM() Convert HNTrie code to ES6 class Cache and reuse result of HNTrieRef.matches() when possible Introduce three more specialized filter classes to avoid regexes Use a sequence of base 64 numbers to encode array buffers Add HNTrie-based filter classes to store origin-only filters Performance + code maintenance work on static network filtering engine Improve usefulness of FilterContainer.benchmark()
  10. hi fans, i read a topic for a few days and with my own experience with defragmentation i mean its time for another suggestion please add the feature to defraggler :-) prevent windows from shutdown/sleep during defragmentation full or files list
  11. It's your robot overlord, well that's what it sounds like. Reminds me of what was said not too long ago on the news where if someone signs up for particular services they essentially have no privacy, especially with smart devices in the home that can listen to everything.
  12. CCleaner Pro+ Outdated Licensing Model

    I'm not a software vendor, just a regular user of the software that volunteers as a moderator. All I did was point out the that most software is a 1 year subscription nowadays, as that obviously allows companies to keep money flowing in versus one-time life-time subscriptions that could essentially bankrupt them in short order.
  13. request of a driver updater

    Good luck because even PC manufacturers don't keep up with the drivers (display drivers, etc.,) with their own built-in "updater(s)".
  14. 5.56 & 5.57 spinning curser on Win 10 Pro

    Thanks for your sleuthing. Can you DM me the clean and corrupted .ini files? I'll shoot them over to the devs on Monday to see if they can trace a root cause for a fix.
  15. That's one of the reasons I got my own web domain with my own '{firstname}@{myname}.uk' email address. I don't have/need a website, I just use it for the email. Fair enough my Internet Service Provider could snoop it if they wanted, but they would soon lose customers if they started that. (Unlike google, microsoft, etc.)
  16. Thanks, there's more. If I "run as administrator" Easy Clean is there but CCleaner doesn't clean when run including recycle bin. If I run as non admin, the program works but no Easy Clean. I don't remember CCleaner being "run as administrator" in the past. Maybe a permissions thing.
  17. I've known this for a while. I use the google assistant and it will periodically give me a notification telling me my package arrived from amazon. It will also tell me about deals on things I've bought in the past like coffee. This thing is basically tracking my life I think. In the morning it tells me when its time to go to work because I use google maps for traffic!
  18. Good detective work Jamin. Hopefully @Dave CCleaner will see your post.
  19. CCleaner Pro+ Outdated Licensing Model

    You seem to have missed a major point here, you are not being charged for updates of CCleaner. CCleaner updates are free to everyone, as long as you download/install them yourself. And CC informs you when there is an update available to download. When you buy a pro licence it gives you: Automatic updates of ccleaner itself. (It does it for you instead of you having to click a few buttons, big deal). The ability to automatically update other apps. (If the particular app is hosted on filehippo). The ability to schedule cleaning. The ability to clean multiple user accounts. Extended options for real time monitoring. Permission to use CCleaner in a business environment. Priority support from Piriform by email, for a year. If you don't need those features then you don't need a paid for licence. Everything else is exactly the same whether you have the Free or Paid for version. PS. No one here is an employee of Piriform, unless their username ends with 'Piriform' or 'CCleaner' (eg. 'Dave CCleaner' above). The rest of use are just users, who are willing to help out other users for free.
  20. request of a driver updater

    The Software Updater was a popular addition and we've been looking at how to expand it further. Driver Updates seems like a logical step. Of course, having built something like that there would be a bit of work in keeping it up-to-date across all of the different devices and hardware manufacturers - so it will depend on demand.
  21. CCleaner Pro+ Outdated Licensing Model

    Since it seems like there was an update to the pricing/licensing I purchased on Thursday. (Basically, deselecting subscripions didn't increase price by 10€ again and more importantly, licensing isn't limited to 1 machine anymore.) @Andavari As a software vendor you have to make a tough choice on the licensing model: Real Subscription Model - low monthly or yearly fee (e.g. Office 365) Major Relases with upgrade path = V14 costs e.g. 30€ and the upgrade to V15 50% off => 15€ (old versions only receive essential support, like Parallels Desktop) Major Releases without upgrade path but limited support for older Versions (like Office 2013, 2016 standalones receive only bugfixes, no new features) Stupid cloud based model to justify annual subscriptions with 100% renewal price (RealVNC went down that road). Purchase of current release with free upgrades for 12 month (Piriform) - common, but renewal is often discounted. E.g. even on Antivirus the extension for another year is 30-50% off. Of course, these choices highly depend on the amount of potential customers - in case of Piriform every Windows user. So, the customer base is not a problem for Piriform. What is, is the question if the amount of paying customers would double if the price would get reduced 50%. Or, in software market, where production cost is not related to amount of units sold: Dumping the price to afraction of the current license and almost everyone buys the software. For the latter of course, it needs to become some really essential tool. (Ín case of CCleaner I would try to greatly expand the "Tools-Section"... there's a lot of potential, e.g. scripts to deal with common sync-issues (OneDrive/GDrive Reset for example), trigger Windows 10 clean shutdown [basically a "shutdown -s -t 0"] and so on of which most are simple command-lines, registry settings or GPOs.)
  22. Microsoft Edge holding up Ccleaner

    Actually in that case it's your Browser (You said you use Chrome?) that is specifically overriding the setting you made the default in Windows. (The browser was set to use "Mail" to open email links from within the browser). It may be worth rembering that 'Default' does not mean 'always use'; it means 'Use if nothing else is specified'.
  23. Microsoft Edge holding up Ccleaner

    Thanks. Yep, the default app showed "Mail" even though I set Thunderbird to default in their own settings. Yet another instance of Microsoft insisting on doing things THEIR way.
  24. Last week
  25. need to recover a word file

    Some charge which seems like a very high amount if they can for instance write new file headers into files. Not defending the one the OP tried, but I've seen at least an two occasions over the years where the price was claimed to cover the licensing the developer has to pay for the ability to write particular file headers.
  26. No blocking or tinkering here. Your suggestion lead me to what I believe the issue's were. After uninstall/reinstall, no spinning cursor but still no Easy Clean. I had to set Icon as "run as administrator". Now all was good including Easy Clean until I dropped a copy of the .ini file into CCfolder. Spinning cursor again. I Started over then I manually set options and all is working again as expected. Sounds like a corrupted .ini file now. Should the install process have set icon as "run as administrator"? I sent a new icon to the desktop from the CCfolder and it was not set as "run as administrator".
  27. need to recover a word file

    Recuva (https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva) works on your internal drives and portable drives. In most cases, simply clicking through the screens will get you what you need. If that doesn't recover it on the first try, https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/recuva/introducing-recuva has a complete guide to all of the options. £74 seems rather steep - but I suppose someone has to pay for the advertising those companies do. Note that Recuva will recover your files for free (for non-commercial home users, that is - businesses all need to pay for Piriform products). That being said, if you feel it has saved something important you are more than welcome to pay the £19.95 price-tag.
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