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  2. Bug recycle bin

    Problem solved. I did not understand that I had to stay on Custom Clean to analyze. This new Easy Clean option is really useless, it misleads many people. Thanks
  3. I tried to download the list view of the files recovered/identified by Recova (after deep scan). No problem concerning the process in itself. But, there are only 3 columns in the imported list (filename, size, path), instead of more in the list produced by recuva when it is running). There are filters indeed, but they do not work when the download of the view is done. One very important column is missing : the state of the files (i.e excellent, vs poor, vs very poor vs unrecoverable). That information would be highly helpful to sort out the files afterward (ggod ones and bad ones typically). In my case there are many many files recovered. Did I miss something (some parameter I did not see and that would for the addition the parameter "state") ? Or is it something only available in Recuva professional ? Many thanks in advance for your help.
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  5. Speccy published reports failing with a bad url

    Covered here:
  6. Bug recycle bin

    Yes I use Custom Clean look pic. A lot of people has this problem on french and english forums discussion.
  7. Avast Hidden Install

    Constructive criticism is always welcome. Not always fun to read - but still helpful. Can't promise that everything will move at the pace that people would like - but everything here gets read and taken into consideration. Even prior commercial decisions are subject to review if we can find a smarter (ie: less annoying) way to achieve the same objective.
  8. Whats wrong with this Company?

    The license is only for a year now for new purchases, there’s a major discussion of this on another thread where users with older licenses are receiving an expired message: Mine states it has expired but continues to work with all the Pro features, I purchased what was listed as a lifetime license, support was for 1 year & it is this which has expired.
  9. I purchased CCleaner on 02.04.2019 with Cleverbridge (ID: 170362239), and paid with Paypal. Now i got a Message that the License is expired. Whats wrong with CCleaner??? And no, i didn`t install my Key on more then 1 Computer.
  10. Avast Hidden Install

    Sorry, but exactly the same argument was/is used for the main product when users keep suggesting putting the Registry Cleaner into Tools. "It's too difficult to change the sidebar". But that seems not to be the case, a new button for Easy Clean was soon put in there when wanted. I note that in another thread it has been said that they are now looking at moving the Reg Cleaner. BTW. It is good to see that, in the person of @Dave CCleaner, Piriform does seem to be taking more of an active role in the forums and listening to user opinions. As regular members here we can sometimes be pretty critical of what we see as faults with CCleaner, mainly as a desire to see an improved product.
  11. Avast Hidden Install

    TBD, but if we end up with something like @Andavari's proposed design, the concept of a "default" would only apply to the product configuration settings and third party options would require an explicit YES/NO decision - but probably without the cartoon characters.
  12. It's 7.5 years and 12 versions later now. It is really pathetic to see that nothing has happened all that time. How hard can it be to change 3 bitmaps? -=Wim=-
  13. Nightmare with CCleaner Licenses

    While the folks here on the public forum can probably give you general advice on what to do, your best route would probably be customer support (support@ccleaner.com) since they can see the details of your account. What is most likely that you'll need to do though is: Go into CCleaner Options > About > Upgrade to Pro Enter your name and Copy-Paste the license key from the confirmation email of your most recent order and hit "Register" ... and then you should see your expiry date showing as sometime in 2020.
  14. Avast Hidden Install

    Will 'Yes' still be the default ?
  15. Avast Hidden Install

    Overhauling something that has been baked into the installer since 2010 is not exactly an overnight job. There's no official date for the change to be made, and the execution may still undergo some alterations and tweaks, but the final result ... ... will most likely bear an uncanny resemblance to this.
  16. Avast Hidden Install

    This ^^^^ <applause>
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  18. Ccleaner use with SSD (solid state drive)

    Unfortunately the reason why we have TRIM makes this impossible. There is no indication to the SSD controller that a page has been deleted. The deletion is executed by a change to the bit status in the cluster bit map metafile. Whilst the controller can see that a page has been updated, it doesn't know that the page is a bitmap, or what a bitmap is - or what a file is for that matter. So the O/S has to tell the SSD what to do, with TRIM.
  19. VLC player advisory

    thanks hazelnut :-) Summary : Read buffer overflow & double free Date : June 2019 Affected versions : VLC media player 3.0.6 and earlier Security: * Fix multiple buffer overflows in the ps demuxer * Fix a buffer overflow when copying a biplanar YUV image * Fix multiple buffer overflows in the faad decoder * Fix buffer overflow in the svcdsub decoder * Fix buffer overflows in the ogg muxer & demuxer * Fix buffer overflows in libavformat demuxer * Fix multiple buffer overflows in the MKV demuxer * Fix a buffer overflow in the MP4 demuxer * Fix a buffer overflow in the textst decoder * Fix a buffer overflow in the webvtt decoder * Fix a buffer overflow in the ASF demux * Fix a buffer overflow in the UPNP SD * Fix use after free in the ogg demuxer * Fix multiple use after free in the MKV demuxer * Fix multiple use after free in the DMO decoder * Fix integer underflow in the MKV demuxer * Fix an updater NULL pointer dereference on invalid signing keys * Fix NULL pointer dereference in the MKV demuxer * Fix an integer overflow in the spudec decoder * Fix an integer overflow in the nsc demuxer * Fix an integer overflow in the avi demuxer * Fix reads of uninitialized pointers in the MKV demuxer * Fix a floating point exception in the MKV demuxer * Fix an infinite loop in the flac packetizer
  20. vlc media player

    it seems to be a version * fixes a macOS only packaging issue, additionally.
  21. .NET Framework 4.8

    good wish :-) i mean ms has another wishes with his versions of netframework... from the beginning with 1 and 1.1 and 2 - two is not compatible with one and so on (i remember me darkly that are two different developer) also the different versions of the 2 dont be good and the installation progress was long sometimes also bad and the whole net-installation was for the toilet :-) i have 4.8 not installed. i take only what this or one needed to be run - this also saves me a lot of updates
  22. Sorry, I haven't been checking as often. I just got the email. I see both players but when I uninstall the 32-bit player, both are uninstalled. Now I don't have a VLC player.
  23. .NET Framework 4.8

    I wish they'd do clean installs only, i.e.; completely remove the old and install the new with full backwards compatibility because just the updates alone have corrupted it umpteen times on older Windows systems for me. I'll pass on manually downloading and installing it, and just wait to see if Automatic Updates forces it upon me at some point.
  24. Bug recycle bin

    Are you using 'Easy Clean' or 'Custom Clean'? Easy Clean uses Piriforms own set defaults, which I think includes emptying the bin. So if you don't want it to do that the use Custom Clean, which is simply the way things used to work before EC came along.
  25. Bug recycle bin

    Problem with last version v5.58.7209 (64bit) Ccleaner delete files in my recycle bin, I uncheck this option and don't work. I prefer to delete the recycle bin manually, first time this option does not work. Thanks for your reply.
  26. Ccleaner use with SSD (solid state drive)

    for anyone interested, type this command to test is TRIM of ON; fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify Disabled means it's ON. and this command from an elevated command prompt to do a TRIM; defrag %systemdrive% /L /V
  27. .NET Framework 4.8

    - Here an article with some more details: https://www.itechtics.com/download-net-framework-4-8/ - A link to the "Offline Installer" for the NET Framework software: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2088631
  28. .NET Framework 4.8

    - Microsoft released a new version of the NET Framework. It's version v4.8. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/dotnet/announcing-the-net-framework-4-8/ The article above is dated april 18, 2019. - Time for a new version of SPECCY ????? - Download webpage for all (available) NET software (from v3.5 SP1 up to v4.8): https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework
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