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  2. Surprised at the cartoonish looking robot on the GUI, after all security is supposed to be a serious business.
  3. Asked because I didn't know how to Uninstall programs. Eventually found an option in Control Panel to uninstall programs.
  4. the drive in question is only 28GB, so if it's the system drive, the big swings between 4% free and 40% free could easily be because of restore points, pagefile, hibernation file, swapfile, temp files, and the like. you could either allocate C:\ more space or relocate system files to another drive.
  5. I've had MBAM real-time protection since it went v3, no issues on any of my many home PC's except for the bug sometime last year that effected Excel but that was easily 'turned off' until they fixed it. hadn't heard about the new v4, will give it a spin now.
  6. You should just be able to uninstall it as any normal application
  7. Yesterday
  8. turn off multipass deletion, not only is 35 overkill but any number of passes above one secure has been proven to do nothing that makes the file more obscured. This will also greatly speed up your clean (see I got to the point of your post eventually)
  9. I did not know that CBrowser would be downloaded/installed with the last upgrade of CCleaner, and want to uninstall it. How can I do this without affecting other programs?
  10. I can't speak for other companies, but if you want to cancel the automatic renewal for CCleaner then you can do so at any time through the subscription management. Do it right after purchasing if you want, before you forget, or wait until you get the billing reminder email a month before you expire.
  11. A Visual Feedback Bug? I always, since update, dont see any fluid progress bar in "easy clean" it mostly happens when CC is clean Internet Explorer i NEVER use but there is stuff in it...anyways (i know about the system integration). i always think that CC was freezed but isn´t. It jumps to the end. Options i choose: 35x secure erase alternate data stream erase cluster tips erase Minor Suggestion: i don´t like that " PC feels like new "...better ist "Progress finished", "cleaning finished", "Done" or similar simple Cheers.
  12. Only a moron would "Cancel" the subscription when wanting to stop auto renewal. Since I will most likely forget and I doubt you will not tell me before you charge my credit card I will be turning the renewal fee in 2020 as fraud. [Unnecessary profanity deleted]
  13. From the screenshots the new GUI looks good. However, hopefully they've fixed bugs from version 3 into version 4. The bugs in version 3 forced me to keep using the ancient version from 2016, version 3 always had issues no matter if it was on WinXP or Win10.
  14. I found some files had been duplicated hundreds of times some of them had 911 or more copies hmmm is there a better solution out there than manually backing up to external drives??
  15. Olá boa tarde, Eu realizei o pagamento e até o presente momento não enviaram a chave de ativação e quando verifiquei no site da empresa informa que meu e-mail não está cadastrado. Gentileza, gostaria de realizar a atualização em meu computador com o produto que adquiri desde 19/08/2019. No aguardo das informações! Segue o comprovante em anexo! Atenciosamente Rubens Pacheco Comprovante de Pagamento.pdf
  16. Due to popular demand, our developers have taken on the feedback from our forum users and the latest version of the CCleaner Browser preview (which started to go live into distribution on Friday evening) no longer picks up PDF file associations unless there is no other application on your PC defined to handle them. As most people view PDFs in a web browser rather than a specialised application, it is standard behaviour for any web browser to pick up PDF file associations upon installation - much to the annoyance of Adobe Acrobat users who want to be able to open files from their Windows desktop directly into an editor. Our commitment is to build a "better browser" - with native ad blocking and better privacy, better battery life, less CPU usage and faster browsing than other web browsers ... and fewer annoyances. Thanks everyone for your patience and feedback to help us get this taken care of. We're looking forward to being able to take the CCleaner Browser live to full launch in the next few weeks, with more performance and privacy features to come.
  17. Hi! - Sincerely apologise if I am crossing threads. The topic here seems so similar. I am fine with Defrag, though curious in the example below: One session I get 4% Free space. Next session, or the next, I get 42% free space. The 4% again. The pie charts agree each time Which is the true one? - Or simply 2 versions: Compressed files, and UN compressed files? If I defrag both versions, am I going around in circles? Memory Usage 47 % Total Physical 1.49 GB Available Physical 806 MB Total Virtual 13 GB Available Virtual 12 GB Files compressed to save disc space Thank you for your patience Space avail.txt
  18. ...mh, the one and only last and best windows version ever can not handle this? :-)) not bad. "outdated"
  19. https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  20. Paid for product never got a key. Key lookup says no account exists. I have a receipt from PayPal. How do I contact these people for a download link and key???
  21. Last week
  22. Drive Y: became corrupt due to a hardware problem in such a way that all the files disappeared. The drive was still accessible without encountering an error but it appeared to be empty. Drive Y: was routinely sychronized to drive X: using FreeFileSync. When FreeFileSync was run it saw that all of the files had been deleted from Y: and dutifully deleted all of the files from X: I used Recuva to recover the deleted files on X: Nothing can be recovered from Y: by chkdsk or any other means.
  23. How were they erased? It's rather a lot to lose by accident.
  24. I have a USB drive from which all files and folders were erased. The problem was discovered immediately and no software accessed the drive after the erasure. I used the wizard to recover the files from the drive to another USB drive and all 10,000 files and their folders were recovered. Most of the files were image files, mostly TIFF. The problem is that every file I have tried to open in Photoshop generates the error "Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document." Any suggestions? Thanks.
  25. You have to select the files yourself. This is deliberate. Some system and other program files need to have duplicates for things to work properly. So unless you are very tech savvy you should leave those alone and only look at your own files - documents, photos, videos, and the like. While CCleaner can find duplicates for you only you can decide which to keep or not. You wouldn't like it if a programme deleted the wrong thing.
  26. I used CCleaner to find duplicate files on my HDD. Once it came up with a list of duplicates, how do I decide which files to delete? If I delete all of the files in the list, are the original files still on the computer or do I have to leave one to not be deleted? Can I do a bulk selection or do I have to select each file individually? Thanks.
  27. I also only use it as a scanner not real time, but that's by choice so that I can see what other unregistered users are seeing. (To answer their questions better). I have a valid MB licence key, given to me when I was invited to join a 'steering group' on the forum, but have never registered it. However I do have the Malwarebytes for Firefox extension protecting my browser real time and the stand-alone Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit (beta) running real time, as well as Windows Defender of course. The browser add-on (there's one for Chrome as well) is particularly good at spotting/blocking dodgy websites and links. It also works as an adblock and clickbait blocker.
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