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    Do you mean ''downloading it'' or ''using it'' ? If it was as you were downloading it from the internet, where did you download it from? Can you give more info such as what operating system you have, and if it was when you ran CCleaner did you do a registry clean as well?
  3. End of Ccleaner support

    Avast acquired CCleaner in July 2017 so it's not a recent thing.
  4. Winapp2.ini additions

    The proper way to name programs/apps entries should be as they show in the Start Menu. I suggest changing [Microsoft Photos *] to [Photos *] and [My Office *] to [Office *].
  5. End of Ccleaner support

    Your decision to partner with Avast! ends our support and recommendation of your software. Avast! is the WORST anti-virus company in the world because they sell a bloated package (like Norton and McAfee) that is absurdly overpriced and utterly underpowered. Avast! misses more viruses than it catches. As a tech, I can promise any user of Avast! that they will get infected with a virus within a month of use and, though I cannot prove it, I believe it comes direct from Avast! themselves because we all know that all anti-vrus companies have a group of programmers in the basement designing nuisance viruses to "keep the threat alive" which keeps sales up. That you would choose to partner with such a company tells me that you don't care about the consumer in any way. I cannot in good conscience to my customers recommend a company with such an attitude.
  6. CCleaner V1.16.573 seems to be endlessly generating crash logs in /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports after you run it once on the Mac. This only stops after a reboot. com.piriform.ccleaner.CCleanerAgent_2019-06-26-173323_Rix-MBP-15.crash
  7. Yesterday
  8. If you never configure CCleaner and just use only the "factory" defaults it's alright to do clean installs, i.e.; remove the old, then install the new. However if you've changed settings, configured what to clean and what not to clean, configured what cookies to keep, etc., then it makes perfect sense to just install over an older version so that your settings remain intact.
  9. Norton may need more of its users to install it for the reputation, etc. But it is weird that it would warn about the digital signature.
  10. Upgrade Option???

    I hope you never need it, but just in case if you ever overdo it with the photo deletion, the CCleaner Profession Plus bundle also includes a paid licence for the Recuva file recovery software.
  11. Installation

    Please start a new thread as it well could be a wholly different issue from the OP
  12. Installation

    @Dean Anderson I just checked your details. Your CCleaner Professional Plus licence key is valid and works - I just tried it myself personally and it activated perfectly. Note that this licence is for PCs (not Macs). You can enter it in here. You'll need to put in your name (case sensitive and not email address) and usually safest to copy-paste your licence key - common issue is manually transcribing the letter "Z" as the number "2", the number "1" as the letter "I", etc.
  13. While it is a big ad, there's a big button labeled download free version
  14. TASK BAR

    How come my task bar turned from black to white when downloading the latest free version of ccleaner?
  15. Installation

    I've repeated this process several times. The simple fact is that the key Piriform has repeatedly sent me is invalid, and there seems to be nothing I can do about. I need to reach a customer service person. Their automated systems can't seem to help me. Thanks, Dean Anderson [phone number deleted]
  16. Just tried download update to 559 via normal CCleaner link and it times out at https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/?utm_source=ccleaner&utm_medium=revenue&utm_campaign=ccleaner_filehippo. Looks like a big ad. Went to https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds and it worked.
  17. Just tried download via normal CCleaner link and times out at https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/?utm_source=ccleaner&utm_medium=revenue&utm_campaign=ccleaner_filehippo.
  18. I use Defraggler 2.22.995 64 bits on Windows 10 version 1903 and it shows my external HDD as being SSD.
  19. CCleaner Browser

    Gracias; ya lo resolví
  20. your lic reg site

    Could you clarify what you are trying to do? Are you trying to recover a lost licence key, or to enter your licence key into the product after downloading it?
  21. your lic reg site

    your reg site will not accept lic key reg number?
  22. Well thanks for that detailed explanation. It certainly explains why the confusion came about and does sound quite fair in theory. However, whatever the intention I don't believe things have gone exactly to plan: Although Piriform has maybe never advertised the paid CCleaner Professional product as being a "lifetime licence" it has certainly been presented it in such a way at least at times, that anyone considering purchasing the product would be unaware of a potential subscription requirement and make the reasonable presumption that it was indeed a "version based" product. I posted pictures of my box in page 2 of this thread and someone else posted a few days ago that they also have the original retail box showing no mention at all of a subscription. I've got no problem with something having a period of usable life defined by version. I have a couple of programs on my PC at the moment that I have been buying updated versions of since the 1990's. That is what I thought I was paying for when I purchased CCleaner pro. What has happened though, is the goalposts have been moved. I see you are in the UK. In which case you shoulf be familiar with the Sale of goods act and other consumer protection legislation, most of which are in common with the whole of EU. To sell something that has no mention of a limited licence at point of sale and then try to introduce one at a later date is absolutely a blatant case of misleading advertising, which could lead to a court fine, and if the EU courts got involved, a very heavy one. You say that people are entitled to use earlier versions related to when they made the purchase but unless they have the original installation media, there is no way to do that once they have upgraded to newer versions as the latest version is the only one available for download from the website. Even worse: This is already incorrect information. You kindly tested my registration key for me on the 15th of this month and confirmed it was a genuine key and that it was possible to register version 5.58.7209. So I tested it myself on my back up PC and installed first the trial version of Pro and then the Free version and found the key was able to register both of them. I did notice at the time that the automatic update feature had been re-enabled so I'm not sure how I came by that version as I have always been doing manual updates but I thought that was a bonus. I found this week though that the automatic update feature was effectively a trojan horse as when I woke my PC from sleep on Monday morning (June 24) I got a pop up window on my desktop announcing that my licence for CCleaner had expired and that automatic cleaning was no longer available unless I renewed it. I can't remember what else it said but it appears you do now lose certain features you have been able to use even if the licence was shown as expired. There was certainly no advance warning this was going to happen. I didn't open the actual CCleaner program. Instead, I closed the pop up and used System Restore to go back to the previous day when I had V5.58.7209 meaning the automatic cleaning and all other features were still working. Then, I opened the program itself and got a message saying there was a new version available and asking if I wanted to download it. I declined, and instead deactivated automatic updates and just to be sure blocked CCleaner update in the Windows Firewall. Up to now, everything appears to be working as it was although I get a prompt urging me to upgrade to version 5.59.7230 if I open the program. Since that is the version that seems to disable the Pro features I decline. In fact, I very rarely open the program itself normally as the automatic cleaning feature is the only one I need on the whole. I'll just leave things as they are for now. Interestingly, as I mentioned previously, I had tried my key on my backup machine the same day you did eleven days ago and it worked. Unfortunately, I left it with the free version installed. I took a look earlier today and decided to try the key to see what would happen expecting it to be declined. Instead, as you can probably see your end, it was accepted so that one is also registered now as a working Pro version 5.58.7209. Of course, I get the prompt to upgrade to V5.59.7230 but I declined and deactivated automatic updates. I would have disabled Firewall access to CCleaner update too but it wasn't even listed so it must have been requested by the updated version before I reverted on my main machine. I'm interested to see if other people are having the same experiences now.
  23. Installation

    If you are a paid user then, depending on how you updated, your licence information should have been copied across automatically. You can check here:
  24. CCleaner Pro Lifetime Licence - why has it expired?

    This topic seems to have conflated the two separate matters of licence key validity and expiry. I was addressing the key validity matter for folks who were saying that their keys weren't accepted by the product. Aside from entry errors (and occasional bugs), a validly issued home user key that hasn't been cancelled for egregious licence infringement will be accepted by the product. If it has expired, then your licence information box will tell you that it has expired, but you can still enter it into the product. Back to the topic of the semi-mythical "lifetime licence". CCleaner has never advertised the paid CCleaner Professional product as being a "lifetime licence" and has never issued perpetual serial keys with no end date for home users. Every serial key ever issued was generated with an expiry date - usually 12 months from the date of creation, as the licensing system was built many years ago with only direct online sales in mind. Naturally that wasn't going to work to well physical distribution, so to work around the fact that retail boxes can sit in a warehouse or on a shelf for a while, when serial keys were issued for retail manufacturing in 2013-2015 these were created with a longer period - usually 18 or 24 months from the date of creation. Extra time if you picked one up hot off the presses, but less so if you picked up old stock. There are two ways to buy software: By version, where you can keep using the version that you purchased for as long as you want but you then need to pay again if you want to update to a new version for new features. This will often come with a period of customer support and, to avoid frustration on the part of customers who have purchased just before a new version is released, often an "assurance period" where you can update for free to the latest version for a limited period of time. By subscription, where you can only use the software while the subscription is active, but ongoing customer support and all updates are included as part of the package. If you bought CCleaner Professional between 2012 and 2017 then that was under the first model - by version. So if you bought CCleaner v4.04 back in July of 2013, for example, then you were entitled to keep using that version for as long as you wanted and also to get 12 months of priority support and 12 months of free updates - up until the July 2014 release of version 4.16; if you bought CCleaner v5.17 in April 2016 then you were entitled to updates up to the April 2017 release of version 5.29; etc (see https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history for a list of versions and dates going back to mid-2008). But as you would have noticed, we've been letting customers update well past the end of their version entitlement. A bit of background on that ... Prior to 2011, CCleaner was donation-ware - for home users there was only a free version available, which was updated on a regular basis. From 2005 if you donated more than $20 you got a warm feeling of funding the continuing development of CCleaner, and as a bonus you also got the new releases before everyone else. In 2011 CCleaner introduced more formal paid licences for home users - while the software itself was still the same as the free product, for $24.95 you'd get a year of premium priority customer support. If you didn't renew your subscription, then the premium priority support would end after a year. The subscription was later expanded to add additional value with the inclusion of a year of automatic software updates, and later in 2013 additional "Pro" features for paid users started to be added. But this created a bit of an awkward situation - the addition of those Pro features added extra value for the paying customers, but also made things a little untidy if a customer didn't renew. While a free user could update to the latest free version at any time from the website, a paid user who didn't renew was no longer eligible for updates and was stuck on their current version if they wanted to continue to use the Pro features - the only way that they could update to the latest version was if they reverted to the free software. On one hand, we wanted everyone to get the latest and greatest version, but on the other hand we figured that users who had bought the Professional version for the additional features wouldn't want to relinquish them. Mixing the two models by selling version-based software, but with a subscription layer on top had created an holy mess - so CCleaner basically ignored the fact that a subscription had expired, and allowed those expired users to continue to update (reserving the right to enforce free upgrade limits at some point in the future) assuming that we'd eventually figure a way to sort it all out in an equitable fashion and that in the meantime no-one would be likely to complain about getting more updates than they'd technically paid for. To give us a cleaner path forward, in 2018 CCleaner started selling CCleaner Professional under a subscription model - which unifies all of the entitlements into a much tidier package. For customers who bought by version prior to that and have not transferred to the subscription model, your product still works, but the 12 months of support and free updates have most certainly expired. As at the time of writing, for expired home users who bought by version: You can still contact Piriform customer support - although you will no longer be in the priority handling queue Automatic updates may still function - but may cease at any time Manual updates and reinstalls to the latest release will still work - however at some point in the not-too-distant future we will probably be announcing a "sunset" release for version-based customers which will be the latest release that users who have elected to remain on the "by version" model will be able to update to, with additional updates past that point requiring a switch to subscription licensing. All things considered, requiring a "last officially entitled version" rollback for version-licensed customers who have been updating past their free update entitlement expiry date is highly unlikely. Most likely outcome is that entitlement (at least for manual updates) will be grandfathered up to any "sunset release". In a similar manner, the availability of the various "Pro" features within the product released after your expiry date will also be grandfathered up to a certain point - at least for those features released prior to the commencement of the subscription model. TBD for Pro features released in 2019 and beyond (such as Software Updater). No - nothing that you bought is being taken away. Yes, your product will say that the 12 month subscription component has expired - because it has. Yes, if you are a home user you can continue to use the product - subject to the limitations mentioned above.
  25. I guess no one really cares - same bug reported in last two previous version: CCleaner 5.59.7230 Easy Clean Crashes when used with Windows Vista 32-bit Home Premium when you click on Details after running Analyze on older dual core Presario F572US Notebook. Everything else works fine in CCleaner...it always has. Selected Custom Clean in Preferences so that I can live with it. Does the same thing an a Dell Latitude D600 Notebook running XP Pro 32-bit with Service Pack 3. Piriform may want to consider stop advertising that CCleaner works with Windows Vista and Windows XP if they are not going to fix the bug or acknowledge it even exists. Wanted to report the bug for what it is worth.
  26. Installation

    Just installed the update. Did not ask for my name or license #. Is this ok?
  27. Yes. They they checked the file and released the update database
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