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  2. It just doesn't move on while cleaning Firefox. It always has done fine before recently. It starts cleaning, but never gets done. It would stop right at 50% clean and then sit there for hours and hours... days... So, I uninstalled it and then a reinstalled and now it works. Just thought I would post...
  3. If you are downlodading to the standard location ("C:\ProgramFiles\CCleaner\") then that sounds as if your Anti-Virus is removing /quarantining it, check your Anti-Virus logs to see if this is the case. v5.63 was given a new security certificate and the old certificate revoked - some AV's have yet have to update their allow lists. So they are still looking for the old certificate, and when they don't find it they will remove CC because they think it has the wrong certificate. If it is your AV doing it then try doing a manual update of your AV definitions to make sure you have the latest. If that still doesn't cure it you could make "C:\ProgramFiles\CCleaner\" an exception in your AV which should then leave it alone.
  4. I do the download and run it and the next day its gone and have to download again and desktop icon will never work just get an error message.
  5. I uninstalled the regular CCleaner build and installed the SLIM build instead, but it won't open either. Has anyone else seen this happen or have any other ideas how to solve it? I'm running Norton Security, and I even disabled it but that didn't help.
  6. I accidentally deleted my raw files from my memory card. I installed the FREE version of Recuva and did a scan. I selected a folder on my C:/ drive for Recuva to save my recovered images. After the scan, Recuva found my files and everything looked great yet when I went to the folder to see my recovered files, nothing was there! After much research, I found that you are not supposed to save your recovered files to your C:/ drive. Instead, choose a different location such as an external drive to save your files. I redid the scan and this time saved to my external drive and voila! All of my recovered images were there! I hope this helps anyone else with the same problem.
  7. I just tried it. The results window remains. I don't know if there is now any controlled ability to save results to use later after shutting down recuva. That would be good to know. For now. I will not shut down the program.
  8. I am having the same issue. Recuva was able to find the files of which showed up with a green dot on the side meaning they are healthy files. I selected the folder for the recovery yet after the recovery was done there were no files in that folder. Where are the files being saved? Please help!
  9. Has there been any changes to Recuva wrt to the ability to use scan results more than once. I used the Free version to complete a scan, then filtered a subset of files and pressed recover. To my horror the entire results window was gone. I just purchased the professional version and am at the same point again. My question is simple. If I want to recover multiple files right now today, must I selected them all at once or can I click recover and then continue working to identify other subsets to recover?
  10. The ones that fix themselves are the easiest.
  11. It now looks as if it is working. I also upgraded the free CCleaner. Thank you for your help. Hope to get more help if I get future problems!
  12. I had the same issue as "Version 100 is available!" message on screen during launch. I have submitted it to Piriform with the screenshot.
  13. Your friend uses the file Winapp2.ini. A file with extended cleaning routines:
  14. Tried another instal today and missed the option to uncheck installing Google Chrome ! So when this started installing as well as ccleaner I went to my system backup. If you have an "arrangement" with Chrome to add an option to istal their browser, it should be shown more clearly. However the outcome is I did then successfully instal ccleaner
  15. No it wasn't as you have shown. The error message mentioned ccupdate.exe and the message gave the option to cancel, skip that file or continue. I have since reverted my hard drive to 31st August and then uninstalled ccleaner (also removed ccupdate.exe) and did another backup. So if it doesn't instal today my system will not have to go back very far. I don't normally have problems with installing programs, so it is a mystery. I did check the hash file etc at the time before installing and they did match
  16. We've got a couple of broken links as a result of moving recently to a new download server. These will all be reestablished shortly.
  17. Hello, A friend calls to ask me to take a look at his PC that is not working properly. I go around and ask him if he knows CCleaner. I tell him that for a first cleaning performed by an application, it is an excellent software. He answers me yes. So I look for it and I execute it. To my surprise, when I went in the "custom clean", where we can check the checkboxes depending on the desired cleaning, I found many asterisks in front of "applications / settings" to clean. Moreover, there were many "settings" that I do not have access to my version! One more thing ... I realized that by checking these boxes cleaning is more "effective", more "deep". Do you know why ? Because even on the professional version I have never seen this before! Thank you in advance for your help. Vincent. I will try to attach two screenshots, one from my version and the other from his.
  18. Try inputting your license key this way (it's not exactly intuitive in my opinion): 1. In CCleaner click: Options > About > Upgrade to Pro 2. Copy+Paste in your license key information.
  19. Try installing the SLIM build from here, does that work? (uninstall other CCleaner first) https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  20. Even if they released a fix it would eventually get out of date relatively soon because of new hardware, and BIOS updates. it's the kind of tool that needs continual updates.
  21. Ryzen-2600, мать Gigabyte B450 AORUS, температура процессора показывает 80-90 ... градусов! Не в биосе, не в райзен мастере, не в автобернер MSI нет таких температур! Экстрим тоже нормальная температура 34-36 градусов. на другой мамке x 470 тоже гиговской точно так же. видеокарта с 6 гб памяти показывает 2047 мб! удруга на r9-280x с 3 гб показывает именно 3 гб! стресс тест айда прошел максимум 59 градусов!
  22. I am running Windows 10 and have been for at lease six months, and never had a problem with CCleaner running, just like it did when I had Windows 7. Then about a week ago when I would run CCleaner it would start running and then after a few seconds it would stop and I would get an error something like "CCleaner has stopped, blah, blah, blah...". Then a few days ago when I tried to run CCleaner nothing happened at all (no CCleaner screen would appear and no error message). At that point I uninstalled and then reinstalled CCleaner (version, but still nothing happens. I've done lots of searching for how to solve this problem, to no avail. Anyone have any suggestions?
  23. No cookies show up on my professional Ccleaner not for months and the Same problem i can log into sites that will have all the cookies and endless companies tracking me, so the trackers that are deleted are only a small percentage of what is on my computer, i have pictures of my grandchildren, i feel that i need to buy another cleaner,this is the most important reason i need it for to clean out the cookies and trackers.
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