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  3. I've a new tab page extension and whenever I clean chrome temporary files in CCleaner, the new tab page extension settings resets to defaults and I need to import them once a week as CCleaner is set to auto scan every week. How can I find this file to add it to exclusions so I will not be forced to import settings anymore?
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  5. Hello, I didn´t do anything but now the cleaning notification seems to be working fine. I verified 2 notifications in last days. The sizes of junk coincide.
  6. Easy Clean runs analyze in 40+ seconds vs 7- Seconds using custom clean. Dave McNeil Today at 16:06 Easy Analyze takes 40 sec to complete while Custom Analyze only takes 7 sec on the same data. Why is this since all options I have checked the same.
  7. when restoring a backup I duplicated some of my files. How can these files removed with out changing the windows performance?
  8. I'm not sure what you are meaning? Where can you see "zero out" as a setting? I only see the following: "Zero Filling" a drive is a different thing to wiping free space. Zero filling is a disk formatting technique that overwrites everything on the drive, not just the free space. The equivalent in CCleaner is selecting "Entire Drive" to wipe rather than "Free Space Only". CCleaner will not let you select "Entire Drive" for the system disk (usually C:) because that would remove everything including the Windows operating system.. See this: https://www.techopedia.com/definition/10143/zero-filling
  9. Do you have Windows Size/Location cache ticked under the Advanced section?
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  11. Windows 10 standard size for file selector windows is small. I always resize it to see more files and more info. This is stored per program it seems. But when I run CCleaner all boxes are small again 😞 And I can from the titles of the items in CCleaner see what choices does this. What do I need to uncheck for Windows 10 to rremember the file selector sizes a positions?
  12. This happened to me too. I am using Windows 10 and would like to change the icons back. Found this: The CCleaner Browser is only being offered to a limited number of users when Updating CCleaner itself. Most browsers will change your file associations when you first install them. If/when this happens then it's easy enough to change them back. For the example of PDF files: Right click on any PDF file and select 'Open With > ' and then 'Choose another app'. Choose the application that you want to open PDFs with, then tick "Always use this App to open PDF files'. Click 'OK'. The file will open in the App that you have chosen, you can close it if you dont want to work on it just then. Job done, and your PDF icons should change back to how they were. (If they don't change straight away then restart your computer). A change has been promised to the Browser to make file associations a more obvious seting during the Browser install. The Browser is now available for others who don't get the offer during a CCleaner update/install.
  13. This happened to me too. I am using Windows 10 and would like to change the icons back.
  14. Hello Mjfuller, i would take the advice from nukecad also read the link he posted which makes good sense, I will only be using Zero or 1 pass from now on as this seems to be secure enough, Chasbach.
  15. Days??? The warning instructions said it could take several hours, not days. Mine has been running now for almost 24 hours. Had I know it might be days running, I would not have done this. Also, Nukecad, or others, what is the security setting "zero out" mean compared to 7 passes? Thank you.
  16. There is no lower price for reupping you subscription, It is the same price
  17. Hi guys. Yes, I also got CCleaner cleaning cycle stuck at 3%. Re-booting the PC also did the trick for me. Many thanks.
  18. In v5.60 we upgraded to a newer version of Visual Studio, this appears to have caused some compatibility issues with XP however, they only appear to be related to the newer installer UI. If you do want the latest version of CCleaner you can install it successfully on XP with the Slim version of the installer, this can be found here - https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  19. There may be a rounding difference for parts of a MB, and the files to clean may grow between the analyse and the clean. ie. analyse may show 44 MB, but clean show 45 MB. If you are seeing larger differences then could you provide some screenshots?
  20. Hi all, I've downloaded Recuva and am experiencing the error "The application Recuva has quit unexpectedly" when I attempt to scan my drive. Details of the system etc as follows, I've also attached the dump file in the hope that this might be of some assistance. OS: Win 10 Pro, build 18362 Drive: Microsoft Storage Spaces volume, NTFS, 10TB (NB: other drives of this type/format scan & recover fine) File type(s) to be recovered: Mainly mp4 video files (4k video footage) Recuva: v1.53.1087 64bit Portable (NB: Also tested with 32bit Portable version as well as the standard installer version) More than happy to provide any additional details if needed, just let me know 8a9a7416-6a10-4b00-aa5f-cacb75910a3d.dmp
  21. There aren't any email addresses init. It just says 'email addresses here ....' to show what the output looks like.
  22. Thanks for the modified entry. Winapp2.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/01a2ad4cef959173e49e3a0e9ce02a2ccfbed4ba
  23. I am confused, as when I press the analyse button, it will report x amount of trackers and y amount of junk to be cleaned. I press the clean all button, and it will bumble its way through the process, then it will announce with glee that it has cleaned a higher amount of trackers and junk than it had originally discovered! Explain that if you can?
  24. Hello Everyone, Ik just have one question to which I cannot find any information in the offers of the payed versions of CCleaner. The costs in the first year are clear to me. But piriform self talks about buying the versions of professional and professional plus. In my opinion the word "buy" suggests that the costs after the first year go on, but cannot be as high as the pricethat one pays for the first year. Or is it the same price for each version after all that you pay when you buy it ? So my question is. Can anybody tell me what ccleaner costs in the professional and professional plus versions after the first year is over if you want to keep using it including all the benefits and support ? I would be glad to hear. Steven.
  25. Black out the email addresses before you upload it.
  26. I've sent the final version already. in JPG form.
  27. One more try and one of us mods will just have to close this topic. It's becoming a waste of time.
  28. I hate to say it but can you just do a jpg attachment and not a jpg.pptx one. Not many people would open a double named extension these days.
  29. that seems to have worked, guess I was supposed to guess that.
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