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  4. Defraggler Taking too long

    from a maintenance point of view, a few hundred fragmented files is most likely nothing to worry about and unlikely to impact performance. considering the OS has around 100,000 files and Program Files has about 30,000 - a few hundred fragged files is of little consequence. and would only be a slightly higher consequence if the file that was fragmented was actually addressed frequently.
  5. CCleaner Will Not Start Anymore

    Ever since I got my new Mac, Ccleaner hangs and crashes. I even went as far as deleting all of its caches and folders. No luck, I swear by this program so a fix would be appreciated.
  6. Purchased But No Account On Record

    How long ago is ''ages ago''? If you have an active key you can just download the free version and turn it into pro by entering your key (Options..About) Contact info is here https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  7. It's actually easier than that and can be found here
  8. How do I get in touch with Piriform? I only want a download link for my pro license I purchased, but can't seem to access. I purchased a license for CCleaner ages ago, and they have no record of my account, and I can't seem to contact their support directly without an account, and you can't have an account without purchasing/re-purchasing.
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  10. CCleaner will not start anymore - W10 - CC 5.57

    I can't reply again to a message I've already replied to in my emails, but I just wanted to say that my issue is now fixed. Everything is working as normal again. I don't know what changed, but I just tried opening it as I always do, and this time it worked. It's a mystery. Please mark my support ticket as closed. Thank you for your assistance.
  11. I'm in the same boat. I've run it three times on a Windows 10 machine, and until I turned off VSS, it kept chewing up more & more of my drive space. It's beyond me why disabling VSS isn't the default on a Windows 10 machine. When defragging the first time, I went from 70GB free to about half that. Even then, once it was done, it claimed that I have 13 files in 40 fragments, occupying ~ 6GB. If I immediately run it again, it claims I have 200 fragmented files in 570 fragments, occupying ~6.1GB. Back before Windows 10 came with its own defragger, I've used a variety of commercial ones, and this is by far the worse. I can't recall any others that couldn't even provide consistent results over a span of 5 seconds. I find it very hard to believe that even Microsoft could fragment my drive that much that fast. Time to uninstall...
  12. CCleaner 5.57.7182 Easy Clean Crashes when used with Windows Vista 32 Home Premium when you click on Details after running Analyze on older dual core Presario F572US Notebook. Everything else works fine in CCleaner...it always has. Selected Custom Clean in Preferences so that I can live with it. Does the same thing an a Dell Latitude D600 Notebook running XP Pro 32 with Service Pack 3. Wanted to report the bug for what it is worth.
  13. After upgrading to Windows 10, running the CCleaner update installation didn't work for me. Running the file as administrator didn't work. Setting up a separate administrator account and running it from there didn't work either. Here's the message that I kept getting -- Clicking on "Retry" didn't work, and clicking on ignore gave a result that said the installation was successful, but failed to update from the old version. Here's what worked for me: 1) Open Windows Explorer (type "file explorer" in the search bar and click on the App at the top of the screen), 2) Navigate to C:\Program Files\CCleaner, and open the folder. In the right-hand pane, you should see something that looks like this -- 3) Right-click on a blank spot in this area, and from the drop-down menu, select "New > Folder." Name it "old files," if you like. 4) Move the existing files to the "old files" folder. In this way, you haven't permanently lost the current version. You can move the files back to where they were before, if need be. You have also retained the general path that Windows sees when it looks for those files. Now it should look like this -- 5) Close Windows Explorer. 6) Re-open Windows Explorer, navigate to "Downloads," find your newest installation file, right-click on it, and select "Run as Administrator." 7) ¡Viola! You now have the latest and greatest version!
  14. Is the "original" listed in the resultant list provided? Or is this list only the duplicates? If the latter, where is the original file located? thanks for the help
  15. Quite right, vankjeff, about your 3 points above. The booting business is more complicated but not your primary objective anyway. As for the Ice Age, I rather like it here, but to each his own. To be serious, it's kind of a hobby, puttering around and checking out what will work with what.
  16. Defrag Failed

    I'll point one of the admins at this topic, and let them decide. I know the forum won't let such a large size upload, according to Google that translates into 946.646 MB. Then again if it's just pure text or plain text that's very compressible and you ZIP or 7-Zip it that might make it relatively small.
  17. ASUS Live Updater hacked by trojan.

    Allot of the "updaters" are made by another company for many PC manufacturers, unfortunately allot of them get hopelessly outdated and even more somewhat useless in short order if they don't give a system necessary updates.
  18. The XP machine "might be able to boot off the USB stick" if you enable booting off USB in the BIOS. The Win98 machine I'm not sure if it can boot from USB (I don't remember Win98 having that option), but even if it can't if it has a CD-ROM drive you could go that route with it making a bootable CD to nuke it, or even bootable floppy disks. Maybe even take the hard disks out of the Win98 machine if it poses difficulty and use the XP machine to nuke all of the hard disks.
  19. Defrag Failed

    Wow, I'm amazed by the rapid response - and on a weekend, too!! I ran Defraggler with the /debug3 switch. I then performed the following operations: 1) Check drive 2) Analyse drive 3) Defrag drive. Operations 1 and 2 completed successfully. The resulting log file is currently 946 646kb in size. Not sure if you want me to post it here (not sure if this will even be possible with such a large log file). Please advise. However - the defrag operation is currently still running, and I see it has progressed to 1% (previously it didn't get this far before failing). I have no idea what might be going on here. Thanks for your assistance!
  20. ASUS Live Updater hacked by trojan.

    I should have noted the date on that Kaspersky article, it is a couple of months old. Checking here I did make a post about it at the time. (Must be alzheimer's kicking in).
  21. ASUS Live Updater hacked by trojan.

    It did happen a couple of months ago and Asus supplied a new updater https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1018727/
  22. @nukecad-- Thanks for info and I'll relay it to my neighbor. If her Easy Clean comes back by itself like it did the first time, I'll post again. As stated above, my Easy Clean is always there and has never disappeared.
  23. How to become a staff member??

    ... actually you'd be working for Piriform. Despite rumours to the contrary, Piriform does still exist - although we generally just call ourselves "CCleaner" since that's the name that people know better. With the user base continuing to grow, so does the CCleaner team. When new full-time positions come up they are usually at the London office and advertised on LinkedIn.
  24. Very similar to the CCleaner hack - many infected, but few targeted: https://www.kaspersky.com/blog/shadow-hammer-teaser/26149/ (My thanks to exile360 at Malwarebytes forum for flagging this).
  25. As I say the display of Easy Clean (and Software Updater, and ....) is controled by a registry entry. I know this because I have played with them and can turn them off/on at will by changing the value of reg. entries. Although if I turn them off they will sometimes (not always) come back after a restart, which shows that CCleaner will modify them itself at times. I guess that in your cases some component of CCleaner is turning them off by mistake? We'll have to wait for Dave or the devs. to track it down. PS. I've also got 1903 on and haven't had any issues.
  26. Winapp2.ini additions

    Fixed....thanks !
  27. How to become a staff member??

    Do you mean be a moderator, or actual Piriform/ccleaner job? If the former then being an very active and helpful member for a number of years. When we need someone because one of us has left or because the workload requires a new moderator, then these are the qualities we look for in a new associate. If the latter then you apply like any job. You'll be working for Avast though and i've no idea how or who to go through for that.
  28. This has got my interest. I know almost nothing about doing this type stuff but I was able, with some help over at Microsoft Answers at my https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/can-i-have-help-moving-data-from-an-old-windows-98/d8d27f17-ca43-419d-b084-a69f109de670 to install a USB Thumb driver onto the old Windows 98 machine and to then use a thumbdrive to go grab all my old data off of it. That was a challenge since the old browsers that were for Windows 98 didn't allow secure https sites so I needed to use some weird browser that they dug up called OffByOne. So, if I want to do what you're suggesting might work which I think I do, could I just go get something using my newer PC, Save it onto a thumbdrive, start up each of the old machines and run something on the thumbdrive that would then wipe the entire HDD clean off everything, including Windows 98 or XP? If I've got any of that wrong, please tell me.
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