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  2. Please disregard this question. I have figured out how it works.
  3. @lmacri Also see here https://blog.avast.com/ccleaner-fights-off-cyberespionage-attempt-abiss
  4. My cleaner will analyze but won't clean
  5. Hi Folks, I am now experiencing more problems with CCleaner as each time I launch the application I am advised to upgrade to Version: 100? when I go to download I am advised I have the latest version? Any Advice please? Thanks, Charliebach
  6. For 5.63 we released with a new signing certificate as a precautionary security measure (https://www.ccleaner.com/news/blog/2019/10/21/ccleaner-version-563-preventative-update-as-part-of-our-zero-tolerance-policy-against-cybercrime For users on older versions, "we are confident to say that our CCleaner users are protected and unaffected". That said, as always: We recommend that people use the latest version of our software - or any other software for that matter. As has been mentioned in these pages before, only versions of CCleaner from 5.46 and above are recommended for use on Windows 10. Users impacted by the bug that causes notifications to appear more often than intended are recommended to update to CCleaner 5.54 or higher. While the new "Easy Clean" experience (released in CCleaner 5.57) has been extremely popular with most of our users, those who prefer the old-style of cleaning can still find the interface they are more familiar with under "Custom Clean" and set that to be their default cleaning mode to continue to use CCleaner in the same way as they did with previous versions while still enjoying the latest updates to cleaning rules that come with the newer releases.
  7. Have the same problem, also on 9700k and is showing as 7700k. https://prnt.sc/pm32n2
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  9. In another similar situation a few months ago, some IP address databases showed a user as being in Kazakhstan (which is good) and others in Iran (which is bad). Annoyingly, they all need to be updated to be certain that you won't be red-flagged by various software companies and online shopping sites as being in a "wrong" country - so hopefully your ISP is already taking action on this. A bit more background information can be found here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017690391-Why-can-t-I-use-CCleaner-in-my-location-
  10. @ukheatherNew exe and fresh certificate. The number of pings to the support desk seems to have dropped on this now, so assuming that your Windows Defender is now all caught up?
  11. It's not that you are offline, but rather that the server could not be contacted (or timed out) - we need to make that status message a little clearer. Do you get that every time you are running HealthCheck?
  12. The way I read it the issue sounds like something that happened after using Wipe Free Space. Things I've always did after running Wipe Free Space is to: 1. Restart the computer. 2. Immediately defragment the drive that had Wipe Free Space ran on it. I've never experienced a slow down doing that. The only other thing I can think if the hard disk is performing permanently slow is if it were to get stuck in PIO mode, usually that's something that only older OSes will get stuck into such as Windows XP, although it can be put back into DMA mode. Although it can also be an indication of a possible hard disk failure. Here's a search for hard disk stuck in pio mode, although you won't know unless your read up on it and figure out if that is or isn't the actual issue. If the hard disk is in pio mode it would probably be worthwhile to use a free tool such as CrystalDiskInfo that can tell you if the S.M.A.R.T. data is good or bad, bad meaning it "could indicate a possible hard disk failure is imminent." A free tool that can run S.M.A.R.T. disk surface scans to test for a damaged hard disk/SSD, etc., is GSmartControl.
  13. With the newest CCleaner v5.63 some antivirus' were producing a false positive against it and may have deleted or quarantined it, so perhaps the disappearing icon is possibly related, although the disappearing icon is a known reoccurring issue on Win10. If you ever need to reinstall you can get the installer from: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  14. I have sort of the opposite problem. i keep getting a prompt saying update available, wanting to install 5.63.7540.. just one problem.. i already HAVE 5.63.7540.. (according to my program that is running at least) any idea why the thing keeps trying to foist an update that is already installed? (pro version, manually running update check from program says latest installed)
  15. Love the new version of CCleaner, except for the fact that it says I'm off line thus it won't work for some things. Even though I'm surfing and listening to music online. Anyone now what to do?
  16. It sounds that you have installed the CCleaner browser which has changed your file associations. See this for how to change them back, it talks about PDFs there but the process is the same for any kind of file just the programme you want to open them with changes:
  17. When downloading some Aol email is is saves as a ccleaner file. How do I stop this?
  18. I am using ccleaner already for years opn my laptop. Now I have it on my tablet too, but can't find out how to ensure the hidden cache is cleaned too. Can anyone tell me which steps I should take? I'm no techie, just an end user.
  19. It sounds like you used the registry cleaner and wiped out the file associations for those filetypes, repairing MS Office reset the associations. Registry cleaning is not something you should do on a regular basis, it's a specialist tool for trying to repair a broken computer. It will not 'speed-up' your computer or make it run any better. You should especially avoid running any registry cleaner if you are using Windows 10. Here's what Microsoft have to say about it: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/2563254/microsoft-support-policy-for-the-use-of-registry-cleaning-utilities
  20. If it's just the CCleaner icon that has dissapeared from the desktop then you can easily put it back. Open file explorer and go to- C:\Program Files\CCleaner In there you will see CCleaner.exe and CCleaner64.exe Right click on the one for your machine (32-bit or 64-bit) If you are not sure which your machine is then just use CCleaner.exe In the menu that pops up click on 'Send to' and then on 'Desktop (Create Shortcut)' That will put a new Icon on the desktop for you. This shows Windows 10 file explorer but it's similar for all other Windows versions. (You'll see more files than shown in this screenshot, I've deleted some of the standard files from my machine).
  21. I have ccleaner installed along with the other 3 programs and the icon disappears off of my desktop. When it does this, I am unable to find any way to open it again. A visit to ccleaner website only tries to sell me new stuff or try the free download. Where can I go to reinstall the program?
  22. CCleaner v5.63 destroy MSOffice after cleaning. After the cleaning with v5.63 I can't open any xlsx-, docx-, etc. file (MSOffice). After some restarts and reparing function from MSOffice all is OK. mod
  23. MILLET


    I bought CCleaner for my MacBook Air and live in France. WHY I NEED TO PAY FOR AN UPGRADE !!! NO AUTOMATIC UPGRADE !!! thanks for the answer
  24. I thought that I had, using multiple passes when wiping will be slow (and is not needed). Were you meaning something else?
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