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  3. Hi, CCleaner Android license can be used with the same email address it was purchased with on any number of devices. If there is an issue with your license please drop a line to our support team on support@ccleaner.com. Thanks 😊
  4. crizal

    Windows 10 1909

    Very good point. If I decide to try another clean install of 1909, I'll make sure other partitions are deleted. I may just take a break from this for a few days to clear the cobwebs. Thanks for your suggestions.
  5. Hello, when trying to recover files from mSD card in USB port, it recovers files and stays calculating the remaining time. As soon as 2 days appear, like 26 ... The case is that it detects the files but does not exceed 1%. I've had it running 3 days in a row and it doesn't happen there. I have tried to create an image, and it asks me to restart the computer, but when rebooting I find a space reserved for the image but it does not open. Then start over again and ask me to start from the beginning, it does not recognize the partition for the image. The mSD card is a 64GB Sandisk Ultra and it works perfectly. The operating system I have is Windows 10 of 64b. I need help please.
  6. I'm afraid not. As one of the reasons for using CCleaner is to free up disk space then making a backup of deleted files would defeat the object, because the backup would then take as much space as the deleted files. However if you have your Firefox synced, then your history will be stored in your Firefox account in the cloud (their servers) and you should be able to restore if from there by logging in to your Firefox account and re-syncing it. This explains how to use syncing in Firefox. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-do-i-set-sync-my-computer
  7. Yes, I would recover files in a bunch at a time, step by step is the way. The original file names will be preserved if they are shown in the scan. For files found with a deep scan, those with a file name of [001234].jpg for instance, file names can't be retrieved.
  8. I mistakenly used the simple cleanup insteadd of the advanced and deleted history on Firefox. Can I restore deleted history?
  9. Fabulous! The advice re the Slim Build worked just fine. Many thanks to all here for descriptions and killer advice!
  10. thank you, I try again. Do you advise me to recover a few files at a time? Another question: will i not be able to recover the original names of the files and folders?
  11. Unfortunately not. You will have to start again.
  12. What operating system are you using? Did you just choose 'delete' in ccleaner or did you select 'uninstall ?
  13. Why aren't you trying to scan disk D, which presumably is the 238 gb partition you deleted? Why are you scanning the Recovery partition, which clearly isn't the partition you deleted? Why are you trying to scan a Local Disk, which, whatever it is (someone will tell me) it isn't the deleted partition? The three partitions you describe appear to be on Disk 1, but the partition you apparently deleted appears to be on Disk 0. I am too confused to make any sense of it.
  14. I installed Recuva to recover files from a corrupted external disk. I started the deep scan: recuva traced about 190,000 files during the recovery phase (unfortunately I selected them all) the program froze. Is there a system to recover the scan and start the recovery again or do I have to start all over again? consider that it took almost two days to scan.... Thank you!
  15. I had one of the last versions of Skype. Tried to delete it using CCleaner. But it just removed the icon in the list, But the app itself still exists. Any suggestions? Regards, Artur Gudiev
  16. Can you not do this by adding the 2 folders as 'includes', and then ticking both those folders and only those 2 folders? Similar to this:
  17. I wondered that at first nukecad but after reading this thread I don't. Even today on there (4 pages) folk are uploading and downloading like mad before they all go. What a waste. https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=69184
  18. I wonder if it's anything to do with the Meltdown (and Spectre) vulnerabilities in Intel chips? https://www.wired.com/story/intel-mds-attack-taa/
  19. nukecad

    Windows 10 1909

    Makes marketing sense, you don't want to risk a (another) buggy feature update in the run up to Black Friday and Christmas, that could affect sales.
  20. I followed your posts about this issue on tenforums. When you do a clean install of 1909 from an iso either on (dvd or usb) did you delete all other partitions when setting it up? I would recommend that so you just have one big disk size left and Windows installs 1909 and the partitions required itself. I find this often works for the best experience of a new install without niggling issues. After all you have Macrium (Quick plug here, 50% off until 2nd Dec) https://www.macrium.com/products/home?cbtcouponcode=AY8-6P7-FQL&campaignid=v7-126b
  21. Or drive people to 'dodgy' sites for old intel driver downloads. I'm sure there are lots of folk who cannot afford new machines
  22. Yes, and another is the Your Phone app which supposedly shouldn't be messed with either, even if it's entirely unused.
  23. Might backfire and be an incentive for people to upgrade to AMD Ryzen.
  24. In case there is a delay in getting help on forum https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new or support@ccleaner.com
  25. Hi, spent last night reading different threads but couldnt fix my own issue. So my issue is whilst installing windows 10, i accidentally deleted the wrong partition on the secondary drive (238Gb). via the command prompt with Diskpart (clean). i think there were originally 3 partitions (2 tiny system partitions and the main partition). I've since installed windows 10, and Recuva but can only detect a handful of sytem files. I've made no changes to the drive except creating a new partition. I've also tried a deepscan with EaseUS but that only detected the same files as Recuva. thanks in advance
  26. I just started getting the same error on my external hard drive a couple of days ago. Windows defrag works fine, and I've used defraggler on the drive before with no issues. I've tried running it as administrator, and I even formatted the drive just to be on the safe side, but defraggler still crashes.
  27. I tried the duplicate file function in CCleaner, it works well, but has one MAJOR drawback that severely limits its usefulness. There is no way to compare two folders on two different hard drives. For example if I want to compare the "Music" folder on C drive with the "Music" folder on F drive there is no way to do it. Only option I get is to compare ALL folders on C drive with all folders on any other drive OR at best ALL C drive folders with the selected folder on the other drive. There is no way to compare files and find duplicates in any single folder on one drive with another. It would make it much easier and much less time consuming to scan only the folders you want to compare, instead of doin the entire hard drive each time you run the program.
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