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  3. Hi! - Sincerely apologise if I am crossing threads. The topic here seems so similar. I am fine with Defrag, though curious in the example below: One session I get 4% Free space. Next session, or the next, I get 42% free space. The 4% again. The pie charts agree each time Which is the true one? - Or simply 2 versions: Compressed files, and UN compressed files? If I defrag both versions, am I going around in circles? Memory Usage 47 % Total Physical 1.49 GB Available Physical 806 MB Total Virtual 13 GB Available Virtual 12 GB Files compressed to save disc space Thank you for your patience Space avail.txt
  4. ...mh, the one and only last and best windows version ever can not handle this? :-)) not bad. "outdated"
  5. https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  6. Paid for product never got a key. Key lookup says no account exists. I have a receipt from PayPal. How do I contact these people for a download link and key???
  7. Yesterday
  8. Drive Y: became corrupt due to a hardware problem in such a way that all the files disappeared. The drive was still accessible without encountering an error but it appeared to be empty. Drive Y: was routinely sychronized to drive X: using FreeFileSync. When FreeFileSync was run it saw that all of the files had been deleted from Y: and dutifully deleted all of the files from X: I used Recuva to recover the deleted files on X: Nothing can be recovered from Y: by chkdsk or any other means.
  9. How were they erased? It's rather a lot to lose by accident.
  10. I have a USB drive from which all files and folders were erased. The problem was discovered immediately and no software accessed the drive after the erasure. I used the wizard to recover the files from the drive to another USB drive and all 10,000 files and their folders were recovered. Most of the files were image files, mostly TIFF. The problem is that every file I have tried to open in Photoshop generates the error "Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document." Any suggestions? Thanks.
  11. You have to select the files yourself. This is deliberate. Some system and other program files need to have duplicates for things to work properly. So unless you are very tech savvy you should leave those alone and only look at your own files - documents, photos, videos, and the like. While CCleaner can find duplicates for you only you can decide which to keep or not. You wouldn't like it if a programme deleted the wrong thing.
  12. I used CCleaner to find duplicate files on my HDD. Once it came up with a list of duplicates, how do I decide which files to delete? If I delete all of the files in the list, are the original files still on the computer or do I have to leave one to not be deleted? Can I do a bulk selection or do I have to select each file individually? Thanks.
  13. I also only use it as a scanner not real time, but that's by choice so that I can see what other unregistered users are seeing. (To answer their questions better). I have a valid MB licence key, given to me when I was invited to join a 'steering group' on the forum, but have never registered it. However I do have the Malwarebytes for Firefox extension protecting my browser real time and the stand-alone Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit (beta) running real time, as well as Windows Defender of course. The browser add-on (there's one for Chrome as well) is particularly good at spotting/blocking dodgy websites and links. It also works as an adblock and clickbait blocker.
  14. No reply? No update on whether this is a bug or not? Poor!
  15. I'm afraid having MBAM on my machines real time is not something I would do. In my mind and experience it is not the software it once was, however as a 2nd tier scanner it's okay.
  16. So are you are downloading the file onto a USB sucessfully? Your USB needs to be big enough; MS says at least 8GB but I'd use a bigger one. I'm not quite sure about that '"can not be used on target USB"? Once you have the MCT on a USB then you should then be plugging the USB into a turned off computer and then booting the computer to install Windows 10 on that computers drive. The computers drive will be the 'target'. Is there a particular reason why you are using the MCT? If you are only updating one machine then it's easier to connect the machine to be updated to the internet and use the Update Assistant (top of the same webpage) rather than downloading the MCT.
  17. It's been a semi-secret but it's official now so we can share it - Malwarebytes has a new Beta version MB4. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/249586-malwarebytes-4-beta/ It has a new user interface which you can see in this post: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/250841-mb-401-new-interface/?tab=comments#comment-1330702 It is a beta version so read the 'Known issues' if you are thinking of trying it. I've had it for about a month and have had no problems at all with it, although others have reported some issues, especially False Positives found during scans. There is a dedicated thread on the Malwarebytes beta forum for reporting FP's and other issues, see the first link above.
  18. Good to here it is fixed for you. I always leave Windows Security running in the background and turn all the others off.
  19. Yes, I have visited this page but every time, i clicked the download button, it downloads an exe called Media Creation Tool. Then I follow the steps and wait for one hour. But it says the bootable ISO can not used on target USB
  20. Thank you all for your advice. I was able to fix the problem. I had no idea so many app could run in the background.
  21. Last week
  22. Sounds like old outdated icon/thumbnail cache to me which can cause the wrong icon/thumbnail to display, and if that's the case the solution is easy: 1. Click Cortana/Search, and type in Disk Cleanup, and click it when found. 2. Select the C:\ drive, or the drive letter you have Windows 10 installed on. 3. Scroll down the list and select Thumbnails. 4. Click Ok, then when another dialog opens click Delete. You may have to Sign Out or restart your computer for the icon/thumbnail cache to refresh.
  23. @Kenjinn Yes that is Recuva. Looks like you purchased in 2014. As such you purchased by version. It came with a year of free updates and priority support. Your priority support from that purchase ended in 2015. If you are not in a business and do not need priority support then, as you may have noticed, the product still works fine.
  24. it seems to be a shortcut with html or other browserbendings "to open with the standard-browser" normally takes windows-shortcut automatically the icon image from the target that open it (perhaps word, excel, firefox, txt or so) -> if it is an html or pdf-file association for the "default-browser" to open it -> in this case ccleaner-browser than takes this icon -> you can change this with choose another default-browser (i think in w10 there is internet-explorer or edge-browser...or what you will) and pdf and other file association in context with browser-openings if you make an office-shortcut for example with an *.docx -> is there also the ccleaner-browser-icon?
  25. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.21.8 gorhill released this Aug 18, 2019 This is a release for Opera-based browsers only. Add "Relax blocking mode" command to Opera manifest
  26. Try this, it says 7 & Vista but its been updated for 10 : https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/13631/customize-your-icons-in-windows-7-and-vista/
  27. I assume we are talking about desktop shortcuts? I'm on my phone at the moment but from memory you would change a shortcut icon by right clicking it and going into the properties. There is a button in there to "Change Icon" or similar wording. Are you saying that all newly created shortcuts are being given a CC style icon? If so then that's something that's something that the browser developers should be made aware if to get that behaviour stopped. I'd have to look up how you can stop it yourself once I'm back on a Windows computer.
  28. The order cofirmation you have attached is for Recuva, not CCleaner................unless it was bundled with CCleaner?
  29. The reference you cite is for correcting the icon for applications. What about when creating new shortcuts when using New/Shortcut?
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