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  2. Greetings, I got a friend's hard drive with a clean logical volume. The lost data are on the physical volume (USB), but Recuva only checks the logical one. Anyone knows what to do to force the check of all the drive ? I use the free version of Disk Drill and it does just that : 3 file sin the LV, and 215 GB of data "elsewhere". Anyone knows if I can ask Recuva to do the same ? Thanks in advance !
  3. OK....Thanks for the assistance
  4. Edge Chromium will be updated continually via it's own updater & not by Windows Update in line with Chromium updates, as Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi etc is also - Do the Devs know about the release of Edge Chromium though?
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  6. Dear forum members I've just purchased CCleaner Pro and, I think I've registered, but after entering one of the task-buttons, the window becomes grey and there is no progress. This last for a long time. Yet, if I want to stop the program, there is a warning that it is working on a task. I have given it full entry to my HD How can I run the Cleaner properly? Kind regards, Tjalling Abma
  7. Kas


    I use Defraggler regularly, normally on a quick defrag. It defrags OK, but the file list shows files still fragmented. I then defrag the file list and that works OK where the fragmented files are then defragged. Question ? WHY does Defraggler not do its job properly in the first place and not leave fragmented files to be done separately ?
  8. Update: Added RegKey3 and RegKey4 [4K Video Downloader *] LangSecRef=3023 Detect=HKCU\Software\4kdownload.com\4K Video Downloader Default=False FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\4kdownload.com\4K Video Downloader\4K Video Downloader|*.log;*.sqlite;*.xml RegKey1=HKCU\Software\4kdownload.com\4K Video Downloader\Download|downloadedItems RegKey2=HKCU\Software\4kdownload.com\4K Video Downloader\Download|downloadedItemsDb RegKey3=HKCU\Software\4kdownload.com\4K Video Downloader\FileWatcher RegKey4=HKCU\Software\4kdownload.com\4K Video Downloader\Gamification RegKey5=HKCU\Software\4kdownload.com\4K Video Downloader\Settings|outputPath
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  10. There is a new update for Microsoft Edge (Stable): v79.0.309.68
  11. The name has been changed - it's now called Smart Cleaning. The documentation needs updating but it's a big job because it's been neglected for a number of years.
  12. Very true, to have them appear on the first tab you have to put them in a winsys2.ini
  13. Indeed they can, but can also save bits that they want to. Which is why programes like CCleaner still exist. With a bit of knowledge you can clear more than they do themselves, as long as you are careful of course.
  14. Firefox and any browser for that matter can be configured to cleanse themselves when existing.
  15. - Another odd thing Defraggler. Somehow the program thinks that one file ("Verezonden Items.mbx") has ZERO fragments. Any other file has 1 fragment or more but this one has "0" fragments. See also the picture in the attachment.
  16. I'm in the pub at the moment but when I get home I'll PM you my batch file for Cleaning Firefox caches, cookies, and supercookies.
  17. @nukecad I've had a look at Storage Sense and it seems like it can't clear Firefox cache. And I couldn't find the option to clear self-defined folders (well, could do that with another scheduled task... in the end, I could probably do everything with a batchfile ).
  18. TBH if it's Windows 10 then the built in Storage Sense is probably all they need.
  19. Thank you, I'll just use /AUTOS. Cleaning at every startup is too often, I think. It's an old PC without SSD, so it profits quite a lot from cached data. I'm setting up a windows task scheduler task for cleaning once a month at startup. Calculation base is: mother + father using the PC once a week each --> Cleaning at about every 8th startup.
  20. Problem with auto cleaning on startup is if/when a program or possibly even a Windows update needs to continue doing things on the next system restart/start up. CCleaner could inadvertently delete temporary setup files if an installer/updater doesn't lock them for exclusive use.
  21. Google translate.. I wrote about this trouble to support@cleaner.com. I have no answer. I cannot continue using the Cleaner / Recuva! Purchase. Please send me a new key. K. Wąsowicz
  22. @trium That link in your screenshot was posted in October 2019 https://support.ccleanercloud.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035098352 Months later people are still waiting.
  23. ok, i see this popup at the login... perhaps the update will be later :-)
  24. Napisałem o kłopocie z tym kluczem do support@cleaner.com. Nie mam odpowiedzi. Nie mogę nadal korzystać z zakupu Cleaner/Recuva!. Proszę wysłać mi nowy klucz. K. Wąsowicz
  25. Another one outdated in the documentation: /AUTO is now /AUTOS (A combination of Auto+Silent?). We had a thread about that last week where a user couldn't understand why his /AUTO kept changing to /AUTOS in Windows startup. It's a technicallity, but /AUTOS is what CCleaner now sets in the registry (and thus Windows startup) if you have 'Run CCleaner when the computer starts' selected. If you use /AUTO in a batch file it should still work, but it's usually better to use the latest version of a command switch. In your parents case then 'Run CCleaner when the computer starts' may be the simplest solution, it will then do a clean in the background everytime they do occasionally turn on the computer. They won't even know it's doing it. You can find that switch in Options>Settings.
  26. I believe that this is another of the 'private/secure' browsers that does not save your cookies, history, cache, etc., etc. to disk. The question has to be that if the browser is not saving these things to your disk then is there even anything for CCleaner to clean?
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