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  2. It sounds that you have installed the CCleaner browser which has changed your file associations. See this for how to change them back, it talks about PDFs there but the process is the same for any kind of file just the programme you want to open them with changes:
  3. When downloading some Aol email is is saves as a ccleaner file. How do I stop this?
  4. I am using ccleaner already for years opn my laptop. Now I have it on my tablet too, but can't find out how to ensure the hidden cache is cleaned too. Can anyone tell me which steps I should take? I'm no techie, just an end user.
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  6. It sounds like you used the registry cleaner and wiped out the file associations for those filetypes, repairing MS Office reset the associations. Registry cleaning is not something you should do on a regular basis, it's a specialist tool for trying to repair a broken computer. It will not 'speed-up' your computer or make it run any better. You should especially avoid running any registry cleaner if you are using Windows 10. Here's what Microsoft have to say about it: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/2563254/microsoft-support-policy-for-the-use-of-registry-cleaning-utilities
  7. If it's just the CCleaner icon that has dissapeared from the desktop then you can easily put it back. Open file explorer and go to- C:\Program Files\CCleaner In there you will see CCleaner.exe and CCleaner64.exe Right click on the one for your machine (32-bit or 64-bit) If you are not sure which your machine is then just use CCleaner.exe In the menu that pops up click on 'Send to' and then on 'Desktop (Create Shortcut)' That will put a new Icon on the desktop for you. This shows Windows 10 file explorer but it's similar for all other Windows versions. (You'll see more files than shown in this screenshot, I've deleted some of the standard files from my machine).
  8. I have ccleaner installed along with the other 3 programs and the icon disappears off of my desktop. When it does this, I am unable to find any way to open it again. A visit to ccleaner website only tries to sell me new stuff or try the free download. Where can I go to reinstall the program?
  9. CCleaner v5.63 destroy MSOffice after cleaning. After the cleaning with v5.63 I can't open any xlsx-, docx-, etc. file (MSOffice). After some restarts and reparing function from MSOffice all is OK. mod
  10. I bought CCleaner for my MacBook Air and live in France. WHY I NEED TO PAY FOR AN UPGRADE !!! NO AUTOMATIC UPGRADE !!! thanks for the answer
  11. I thought that I had, using multiple passes when wiping will be slow (and is not needed). Were you meaning something else?
  12. Already unisnstalled this trash when posted this thread, but logged just to bump 😆 One advice - if want to change their attitude, just stop using their products. Plain and simple. Otherwise they will keep to do what they want.
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  14. Using multiple passes will take a long time, and is unnecessary. See this post and the article linked there: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/54792-freespace-wiping/?tab=comments#comment-309341
  15. I am also interested in the changes in this update. As a user of old versions (not a fan of later UI changes) I'd like to know what type of risk I am at continuing to us them. I hope an admin can let us know. I am guessing it has to do with the traffic the program sends back and forth (telemetry, etc) as I can't think what else CCleaner does network related but yeah, just guessing! Thanks.
  16. The only time a folder from my experience can slow down your computer is if there are too many files in that one particular folder, the scenarios I've seen on both HDD and SSD going back from WinXP up to Win10: * Putting thousands of music files say MP3 in one folder take forever to load when Windows is reading the metadata (ID3 tags). * Having too many downloaded files left inside the Downloads folder (which should've been moved, or deleted ages ago) and when opening the folder triggers the antivirus real-time protection to start scanning everything in the folder which can cause a significant delay - made even more frustrating if it's on an already slow HDD.
  17. I noticed a considerable slow down in speed using defraggler benchmarks. Is this normal with wiping free space and if so, why does this happen?
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  19. How can I look only for duplicate pictures? I don't see a place to only search jpeg for instance. Added: I found where to refer to jpegs etc, but still would love to find out how to ONLY include jpegs without having to say everything I DON'T want to look through. Hints anyone?
  20. Leftover folders will not slow your computer down if they are empty. They may take some badly written 'scanning' programs a little bit longer. Most programmes will see it's an empty folder and just move on. If there is something in that folder then you may have to delete it yourself as nergal says above.
  21. Took what down I just downloaded 3.63 after your post.
  22. If I understand, you mean how do you delete manually? It just mean going into the folder (using windows explorer), highlighting the leftover(s) and pressing delete (or choosing delete from the right click menu).
  23. Hi Folks, Since updating to Catalina wipe free space will not start, after I put my Apple password in CCleaner just puts me back to password log in box. when? any thoughts on this please. Thanks, Charliebach.
  24. Additional- You can use these tools to find out which country the GeoLocation filters say your IP is registered to. Just click on either one, or both, to see where they think that you are located. (My guess is that that they will say Iran and not Spain). https://www.iplocation.net/ https://www.ipfingerprints.com/
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