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  2. For what you created here's the correction, you already have LocalAppData listed, so CCleaner already knows to look into the Local folder. You can right-click the entry listed in CCleaner and select Analyze and it will list what's found in the clean window to verify it works - this is of course after you've already used Caprine first to generate the files you want CCleaner to clean. Since it's obviously an updater folder you can cheat if no update is available and generate your own file in that folder by simply creating a blank .TXT document in the path, and then analyze with CCleaner to insure it finds it, then the entry should work after testing - anyways that's what I do for testing. [Caprine *] LangSecRef=3022 DetectFile=%LocalAppData%\Programs\Caprine Default=False FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Caprine-updater|*.*|RECURSE
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  4. I accidentally deleted a large number of files, but made no other changes of any kind to the drive. Ran Recuva and it identified all the files that I deleted. BUT, a few of them were marked as "unrecoverable". And the files that were marked as such were files that were already on the drive (and had been for a long time). How is this possible???
  5. I'd like to suggest an application to winapp2.ini database. The application is called Caprine. It's leaving installation files after updating it. May you check if I prepared everything correctly for you sir? [Caprine *] LangSecRef=3022 DetectFile=%LocalAppData%\Local\Programs\Caprine Default=False FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Local\Caprine-updater|*.*|RECURSE
  6. Yesterday
  7. So those files were not left from before or created after I "low level formatted" the drive but after that, when I initialised and formatted the drive (NTFS)? Therefore, it's not old data from the drive that is seen in Recuva pic in the first post, but new files that were created afterwards, with the formatting (NTFS)? Thank you.
  8. You're going to have to explain better, I don't understand what you mean
  9. The new version will be out this week?
  10. Hi scoobydog, I understand that you are frustrated that this has not been addressed sooner, for which I do apologise, but please keep it civil. Regarding conflicts in CCleaner's cleaning, these are typically not a result of a code change on our side, but usually because a part of Windows or the browser has changed in an update. Thank you for your information, it's very helpful to getting the the root cause. I'll update when we have more info.
  11. Pictures tell a thousand words. This will always wipe MFT Free space: This should only wipe MFT Free space if the option to do so has been ticked in Options>Settings
  12. My computer is a Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6. I have used the older version of ccleaner and all was fine. Upgraded to the new one and at first it loaded and when I ran it, it quit at 25%. Tech support said to uninstall and reinstall. When I slid the icon to my applications folder, it duplicated my applications folder many times AND there were no CCleaner files installed. Tech support said there would be someone more experienced getting in touch with me. It has been over a week. The tech support is just about non existent! At this point it is useless to me and I just want my money back
  13. It would be helpful if notification of Key No. included comment 'Our Key Nos. do not include figure 1' !!
  14. I think you may be confusing the two processes, which are entirely separate. Unchecking the Wipe MFT box in Options/Settings only applies when you run Wipe Free Space from Cleaner/Windows/Advanced. Using Drive Wiper will wipe the MFT whatever is in the Options/Settings box. If you don't want the MFT to be wiped then use WFS from Cleaner/Windows/Advanced.
  15. I know, I meant to say that the next version of CCleaner for Windows , will definitely support Chromium Edge.
  16. The delay and inactivity on this issue which you "appreciate the severity of" is ludicrous given the length of time you have been aware of it. The issue and finding a solution shouldn't be too complicated in so far as you have a start point to investigate from...............what did you change in the last update? Start there. So far as your question re OneDrive, are you serious? It really shouldn't matter that I do or don't have it installed. But to answer............OneDrive is NOT installed. I have checked the various services, tasks etc and I am SURE that no OneDrive component is running or acting on my system. OneDrive has been uninstalled and eradicated in it's entirety from my system. In my world OneDrive does not exist as I, and others, have made perfectly clear. As soon as my current licence expires, Ccleaner will suffer the same fate and be eradicated from this system.
  17. The newer way of doing it by going into 'Tools > Drive Wiper' and initiating a Wipe Free Space from there in particular will always also wipe the MFT free space. The old original way of doing it by going into 'Options > Settings', selecting Wipe Free Space drives you have to select "Wipe MFT Free Space", it's disabled/unticked by default. Then it has to be initiated by going back to the main GUI area, selecting the Windows (tab) and then scrolling down to 'Advanced > Wipe Free Space' which can be right-clicked to start the wipe. I have just tested this using the old origninal way of using "Wipe Free Space" with "Wipe MFT Free Space" unticked/disabled using CCleaner v5.63.7540 (newest version available) and it works how it's supposed to, i.e.; it's not using Wipe MFT Free Space. If it were wiping the MFT free space would be the first thing it does, but it isn't doing that on my system.
  18. That is dated from last August.
  19. This is exactly the problem. Wipe Free Space DOES wipe the MFT when this option is unchecked in Options/Settings.
  20. Last week
  21. You said you were using Drive Wiper. Wipe Free Space in Cleaner/Widows/Advanced does not wipe the MFT unless that option is checked in Options/Settings.
  22. They're all system files that would be expected when an NTFS volume is formatted. They are essential for Windows to access the drive.
  23. This is interesting: https://techdows.com/2019/08/piriform-tests-ccleaner-beta-with-chromium-edge-support.html
  24. Second official update for Microsoft Edge (Stable) is up! v79.0.309.71
  25. Hello, I "low level formatted" (using this tool: https://hddguru.com/software/HDD-LLF-Low-Level-Format-Tool/) my external 500GB USB HDD. After that I run Recuva's deep scan and here's what was found (D drive is my ext. USB 500GB HDD): Is that any actual data that can be recovered or is it something else (what)? Thank you.
  26. I installed the CC Browser and tried to import all of my data from Chrome. The bookmarks imported without problem but my saved passwords or autofill data would not import. I tried several times, several ways including trying with Chrome open, trying with Chrome closed, restarting my computer then trying both ways. No matter what, they will not import. I don't know if I can use CC Browser without importing the passwords because I have hundreds. I don't want to keep looking at my password list and retyping them in.
  27. nukecad

    stuck at 72%

    Can you see what section it is getting stuck on? If you are using Easy Clean/Health Check then the section it's stuck on should be show underneath '# Trackers' and/or '#MB of Junk'. If you are using Custom Clean it should be shown at the top of the results window.
  28. nukecad

    offline notice

    It's a badly worded message that they have promised to change. It doesn't actually mean that you are offline, it means that Health Check cannot contact CCleaners server for some reason. Those 2 functions need to contact the server to check against the database for any updates available to applications on your computer. (Note those 2 functions are only available in the Pro version). It may just be a connection problem in which case try again later, but more often it is your Anti-Virus blocking CCleaner from passing through the Firewall to contact the server. Try making CCleaner an exception in your Anti-virus, - google for how to add an exception in the particular AV that you use. (eg. google- "Add an exception to Avast anti virus" would find instructions for Avast).
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