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  2. One of the things that keeps me using an old version of FireFox is the Open All Links In New Tab option from the TabMix Plus extension. I also like many other of the extension's features. They would help make Ccleaner my default browser.
  3. I had CCleaner Pro and purchased CCleaner Pro bundle. When I try to install CCleaner I get and error message that my subscription has expired even though I purchased a new copy (bundle) on 9/7/19. How do I install CCleaner?
  4. You can put whatever extension you wish in the File Name/Path box, e.g. *.mp4
  5. thanks but adding it as default would be much more convenient for the user
  6. It may be that your recycle bin has become corrupted. It does happen and while confusing it's not a serious problem. See this for how to reset/fix it - https://www.thewindowsclub.com/recycle-bin-is-corrupted-windows
  7. Your pop up sales pitches, trying to get money out of me, are becoming far too aggrevating! Right now, I'm checking out other free cleaners, by various searches. I'm reading an article on TechRadar now. Stop the sales pitches or you will -- NEVER get money out of me AND I'll start using another company's cleaner! Got it? GOOD! I hope you are listening!
  8. When I use "analyze' IN CCLEANER IT WILL SHOW THE RECYCLE BIN EMPTY. Then after I click 'CLEAN IT WILL SHOW 30mb cleaned from the recycle bin. This happens every time. What is going on?
  9. That sounds good but in that case will .webm .mkv .m4a be listed too or just .mp4
  10. Right-click on a PDF file, select open with, choose what you want to open them with from the list it shows, and also select 'always use this'
  11. Were you using any secure delete, wipe free space on the SSD? Also on another system try to run chkdsk /r on the SSD. Although the SSD is only four months old that doesn't mean they can't randomly fail out of nowhere, Amazon.com customer reviews are full of reports of SSDs just dying at random.
  12. Yer gonna have to use your grown up words and explain the problem, especially as program updater's updates only on pro ccleaner.
  13. Last week
  14. Have you look in CCleaner at: Options > Cookies Then move what cookie you need to keep from 'Cookies on Computer' into 'Cookies to Keep' by using the button: ->
  15. That incognito switch tacked onto the end of the target in an already pre-made shortcut should work with Chrome/Chromium and the "clones" of those, unless of course they've did things completely differently in CC Browser. Try this (note I have not used CC Browser yet, just assuming it works in accordance with other Chrome/Chromium based browsers): 1. Right-click the CC Browser shortcut, click Properties, then click the Shortcut tab: 2. Find the Target:, this points to where the .EXE file resides and what the shortcut will run, then paste this at the end of it: -incognito Should look similar to this, using generic names here: "C:\Path To A Chrome-Chromium Based Browser\BrowserExecutableFile.exe" -incognito 3. Start CC Browser to see if it's running in Incognito mode (or whatever they may be calling it instead).
  16. That facility isn't available. You could filter by Video, which should drop some of the chaff.
  17. I have uninstalled CCleaner. I can no longer open any pdf files as they have migrated to CCleaner brwoser somehow. I no longer wish to use CCleaner but I do need to read pdf files. Please advise, Thanks Tim
  18. Nukecad: thanks for your info. God forbid they should use a logical and understandable term, like "single pass."
  19. (see attached screenshot) way to go guys
  20. Bump in the hope that someone might have a solution, or even a suggestion.
  21. How do i stop CCleaner from deleting passwords that are used in MS Windows App such as the Amazon app. Its not using a browser so not sure how to stop it deleting them
  22. I read online that with Google Chrome, you can make incognito the default mode if you right click the icon and go to properties and add "-incognito". Here's the proof. I tried adding "-stealth" at the end of the start in section in the properties window and it stated the command was not valid. How do I change the default window in CCleaner Browser to be stealth mode?
  23. Andavari

    Reset my pc

    If it's the OS license, i.e.; Windows 10 it's either tied to your Microsoft Account. Or if you have a Local Account it's tied to your hardware.
  24. I'm looking for some movies that I deleted accidentally long back on my hard drive and while going through the results I am seeing that while I can simply sort the results from biggest to smallest file size, it would be a lot better for me if in the regular unsorted (date sorted) list itself the small files of a few Kb to few Mb could be ignored or hidden so that I can see only the files that are big almost above a 100 Mb in size. PS : Thank you in advance.
  25. Have a read of all this page here, it may give you some ideas https://www.howtogeek.com/forum/topic/what-is-recycle-bin
  26. Well, it's a few years on and the same problem exists so why don't piriform fix it?
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