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  2. Disk Analyzer

    g'day Mike and welcome to the forums. when you hit 'execute', what do you mean? as Disk Analyser only has the Analyse button and lists all your files into categories. and do you remember the error message? did you do other tasks in CCleaner, like reg cleaning and Run CCleaner?
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  4. Disk Analyzer

    Greetings all, Went to use Disk Analyzer of CCleaner today. Win 10 - latest updates. CCleaner latest update. When executed, CCleaner croaked with an error message; which I chose to send to Piriform. I now seemingly have no good hard drive driver. I cannot shut down Win 10. Task Manager's ability to 'see' the hard drive is gone. Launched Windows' Disk and Partition program, and it simply hangs there waiting for the Virtual Disk service. I'm afraid to try anything with CCleaner. I've tried to roll back to the last, and only, Windows Restore Point. After about 15 minutes, restore point fails. Then I tried to 'Reset PC'; that too failed. The machine starts up just fine and I can apparently do most of what I need to do; but cannot shut down. Any ideas? Piriform, CCleaner indicated it was successful in sending the error report to you. thanks, mike
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  6. Tracking files not cleared?

    If this is causing so much confusion and these files are not "Tracking Files" then Piriform should remove the labelling of files as such. I think this is unethical and misleading; people have probably wasted much time trying to sort out this issue that Piriform/Avast is responsible for. Piriform run the program themselves and must be aware of this issue. What did the Piriform developers think people would understand when they see thousands of "Tracking Files" have been removed from their computers? I am sure there are Piriform people reading these posts, why have they not given a complete and precise explanation of what is actually happening? As for the image of the man in dark glasses, they are obviously trying to imply these, "Tracking Files" are something sinister. Disgusted!
  7. Yeah, it’;s been a bit a bit of a classic muck up really, fixed one error only to have it the other way around now.
  8. pasword required

    Very frustrating that this has not been fixed. Pls. put higher on the priority list.
  9. Funny, I have this the other way around, after I updated to v2.22.995 from v2.21.993, all my external HDD's are showing up as SSD? Whats going on with that? Guess I'll have to revert to previous version again.
  10. Hi, after using CCleaner my windows slideshow doesn't work anymore. When I go to "settings" it always shows "single picture". I can switch it to "slideshow", but after restart it is "single picture" again. Microsoft support told me that the reason should be "CCleaner". Can somebody help me? What can I do?
  11. The HDD I refer to in my original post has a highly fragmented C: drive (42%), and needs the robust defrag accorded to HDDs. ADDITIONAL INFO: Defraggler incorrectly reports all 3 NTFS partitions on this HDD as SSD - "HOWEVER", it correctly reports the FAT32 OEM Tools partition as HDD. (That's right, 1 drive with 4 partitions, with 3 being reported incorrectly as SSD, and 1 partition - the FAT32 one - reported correctly as HDD). - Maybe this info may help Piriform devs get some insight into the bug. With 42% fragmentation, I need the robust defrag accorded to HDDs. But I don't trust Defraggler to do the job right after misidentifying the drive as SSD. Why dismiss a Warning about SSD defragging, take the time to defrag/optimize/whatever, and NOT get a proper HDD defrag? I (and other users) can't trust Defraggler due to this this bug. Please, Piriform, reply with accurately researched answers to these questions (not mere suppositions): Can I use Defraggler v2.22 to robustly defrag an improperly ID'd "SSD"? Is there some Registry hack, Defraggler .ini file, or other way to change the incorrect SSD flag to HDD? If not, is there an older version of Defraggler that omits the HDD/SSD detection (i.e. no offer of Optimize vs Defrag)? I cannot be the only user of Defraggler who wants answers to these questions. My suggestion - as an engineer - is this: If the bug cannot be banished to the point that Defraggler can, with a VERY high degree of precision and consistency, differentiate between HDDs and SSDs, automatic drive detection determination of defrag algorithms MUST be removed. Present the user with a prominent WARNING regarding SSD defragging; give the user info as to how to determine how to ID their drive type; and make the user MANUALLY select "Optimize SSD" or "Defrag HDD" before proceeding - with a restatement of the danger of defragging an SSD. Do NOT take away user choice when your software relies on faulty drive detection algorithms. I'll have to use another Defrag program if this issue isn't responded to - in fact I'm looking at others RIGHT NOW, because I have a 42% fragmentation C: drive that needs attention. I loved Defraggler for years (I particularly appreciate the SETTINGS -> OPTIONS -> ADVANCED checkbox to "Stop VSS when defragmenting NTFS volume"). That "Turn Off VSS" made your product superior to 2 other defraggers I used that caused MASSIVE numbers of Restore Point creations during defrag (once exceeding 30GB), that actually made the drive highly fragmented with the new Restore Points being written as the drive was being defragged. I came for the "Turn Off VSS", and stayed for the excellent performance of Defraggler otherwise - but I may now be forced to leave. What a pity, if Piriform can't fix this. My drive's health is more important than my love of Piriform software. (And remember, Speccy is ALSO misidentifying this HDD as an SSD). Sorry if this is considered a TL;DR rant. I'm not Ranting - I'm Pleading: Piriform, please fix this Really Bad bug.
  12. no need to double post, others (especially Admins) will see your other post over at https://forum.piriform.com/topic/52083-both-speccy-v132-and-defraggler-v222-incorrectly-report-hdd-as-an-ssd/?tab=comments#comment-296854
  13. +1 all I can add is the Admin and Dev Teams know about it (obviously after all this time). the closest thing I have seen to an official response is a suggestion they may be thinking about a 'manual override switch' but that never eventuated with the latest releases - so who knows.
  14. BOTH Speccy v1.32.740 AND Defraggler v2.22.995 are misidentifying a WD Black 750GB HDD an an SSD. The drive is Western Digital WDC WD7500BPKX-22HPJT0. It was manufactured Aug 2014, so is nothing new to the tech world - it is a multiplatter rotatating disk HDD. WHY are both Speccy and Defraggler misidentifying it as an SSD? Defraggler has had this bug since v2.07 back in 2011, if not earlier. WHY hasn't this bug been fixed? By the way, I've used Speccy, Defraggler, CCleaner, and Recuva for MANY years, and have been a Piriform evangelist also for several years (and I install your products on computers I work on for others). But this long-running bug (misidentifying both SSDs as HDDs "AND" HDDs as SSDs) - as reported in your Community Forum by users - should have been fixed LONG AGO. When are you going to fix this bug? It is very frustrating to your users.
  15. BOTH Speccy v1.32.740 AND Defraggler v2.22.995 are misidentifying a WD Black 750GB HDD an an SSD. The drive is Western Digital WDC WD7500BPKX-22HPJT0. It was manufactured Aug 2014, so is nothing new to the tech world - it is a multiplatter rotatating disk HDD. WHY are both Speccy and Defraggler misidentifying it as an SSD? Defraggler has had this bug since v2.07 back in 2011, if not earlier. WHY hasn't this bug been fixed? By the way, I've used Speccy, Defraggler, CCleaner, and Recuva for MANY years, and have been a Piriform evangelist also for several years (and I install your products on computers I work on for others). But this long-running bug (misidentifying both SSDs as HDDs "AND" HDDs as SSDs) - as reported in your Community Forum by users - should have been fixed LONG AGO. When are you going to fix this bug? It is very frustrating to your users.
  16. Last week
  17. Why the constant updating of the Program?

    other than hotfixes to repair system killing bugs, ccleaner is released once a month, not two weeks. These monthly releases add programs to be detected and fixes for bugs.
  18. It does. But the terms you use there (analyze & clean) are in the standard file cleaning section not the registry cleaner, the standard file cleaner does not touch the registry. In the registry cleaner use 'Scan for Issues' which will find any potential issues in the registry. When the results show use the scrollbar at the bottom to scroll across to the right to see the registry keys found. (Or drag the separators at the top of the colums to change the column widths). The usual caveat about using the registry cleaner- Don't use it unless you know what you are doing and are using it for a specific 'advanced' purpose. It should not be used as a general routine. Microsoft recommend that you never use any registry cleaner, especially with Windows 10.
  19. Well changing "Settings stored in INI file" seems to have stopped it; though I'd call it a Work Around rather than a Fix. Also, using Avast security package, and it made no difference to the issue whether On, Off, or un-installed before the Work Around. Thanks for all suggestions, looking forward to next Update, I think.
  20. Winapp2.ini additions

    Thank you for the info. I found out that it depends on the installation type. On the first setup screen you can click on "Advanced" and choose the "Installation type": "Install per user" (default setting) uses "%LocalAppData%\Vivaldi\Application" and "Install for all users" uses "%ProgramFiles%\Vivaldi\Application". Winapp2.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/f26f273c079d3273935f80d8a0deed18a39cb3e1
  21. This is the only program I have ever owned that wants me to update it almost every two weeks. I am used to security programs updating their definitions all the time, but updating the program itself, so often, seems either over-professional or non-professional. It is almost as though the engineers are never satisfied with their code. Does anyone know why this is the only program I have that wants to update itself constantly? Or more direct; Why is Piriform updating the "program" so often?
  22. Today I ran into this problem: When selecting Run Cleaner > Continue, the app automatically closed without running the cleaner. Other functions of the Cleaner worked; however, not that one. I tried the solution posted above on May 22 by siliconman01, i.e., I changed the Cleaner Results option to a file list (from summary). That worked. Thanks siliconman01. Details: ccleaner v5.43.6522 - Windows 8.1 - Kaspersky Total Security
  23. Useless new Privacy 'menu'?

    so how do users know that when you say CCleaner you are referring to the company or the program? "For a description of the data CCleaner collects and how CCleaner uses it..." so if a user sees that in CCleaner (yep, I'm talking about the program), the first reference is to a Company and the second to a Program - or is it??? that's confusing and ridiculous. that's on par to every tool on a mechanics bench being called a 'spanner'...
  24. HDD seen as SSD

    if DF thinks the drive is a SSD, right clicking it will so Optimise Drive as well as a Defrag Drive option (no idea why - I guess old habits die hard and some users simply still defrag a SSD). for HDD, only the Defrag Drive option is shown (obviously). glad you got it sorted.
  25. I have been using CCleaner for years but I always asked myself, why this program doesn't show registry keys which are found for deletion if analyze is used first, or what is already deleted if clean is used. It's so annoying, I am unable to see what is cleaned in registry or what will be. Please fix this.
  26. HDD seen as SSD

    I've deleted the files & nothing bad has happened. I found that if you right-click the drive you still get a "defrag" option, and it has in fact cleaned up better than it has for years! Nita - I'm running the "Home" edition of Win10, and I think that VSS is turned off by default, so hopefully I won't have any shadowing issues (assuming that is what you meant? Thanks again.
  27. Winapp2.ini additions

    I'm suggesting to add FileKey21 to [Installer *] for the same reason as above: [Installer *] LangSecRef=3029 Detect1=HKCU\Software\7Star\7Star Detect2=HKCU\Software\360Browser\Browser Detect3=HKCU\Software\Amigo Detect4=HKCU\Software\CentBrowser Detect5=HKCU\Software\ChromePlus Detect6=HKCU\Software\Chromium\PreferenceMACs Detect7=HKCU\Software\CocCoc\Browser Detect8=HKCU\Software\Comodo\Dragon Detect9=HKCU\Software\Coowon\Coowon Detect10=HKCU\Software\Epic Privacy Browser Detect11=HKCU\Software\Flock Detect12=HKCU\Software\RockMelt Detect13=HKCU\Software\Slimjet Detect14=HKCU\Software\Torch Detect15=HKCU\Software\Vivaldi Detect16=HKCU\Software\Yandex\YandexBrowser DetectFile1=%AppData%\brave DetectFile2=%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome* Default=False FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\7Star\7Star\Application\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey2=%LocalAppData%\360Browser\Browser\Application\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey3=%LocalAppData%\Amigo\Application\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey4=%LocalAppData%\Brave\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey5=%LocalAppData%\CentBrowser\Application\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey6=%LocalAppData%\CocCoc\Browser\Application\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey7=%LocalAppData%\Coowon\Coowon\Application\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey8=%LocalAppData%\Epic Privacy Browser\Application\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey9=%LocalAppData%\Flock\Application\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey10=%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome*\Application\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey11=%LocalAppData%\MapleStudio\ChromePlus\Application\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey12=%LocalAppData%\RockMelt\Application\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey13=%LocalAppData%\Torch\Application\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey14=%LocalAppData%\Vivaldi\Application\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey15=%LocalAppData%\Yandex\YandexBrowser\Application\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey16=%ProgramFiles%\Comodo\Dragon\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey17=%ProgramFiles%\Google\Chrome*\Application\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey18=%ProgramFiles%\Slimjet\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey19=%ProgramFiles%\SRWare Iron\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey20=%ProgramFiles%\SuperBird\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey21=%ProgramFiles%\Vivaldi\Application\*\Installer|*.7z
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